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The FBI’s power and federal legitimacy are far more tenuous than Washington recognizes. Beyond the nation’s big cities and the coastlines, federal authority hinges largely on the consent of local citizens. Once that consent vanishes, FBI agents are left to sit in their cars eating their lunches all by themselves. But plenty of pundits and congressmen still clamor for the government to confiscate everyone’s guns or forcibly inject their children. If the feds came in and started shooting mountain men who refused to surrender their firearms, they would likely quickly find themselves in a worse plight than Custer at the Little Big Horn.

Jim Bovard
September 27, 2021
He Thought I Was an Undercover Fed
[Consent of the governed is a concept in our country’s founding documents. With a nearly $30 Trillion debt, incredible overreach of the U.S. Constitution’s limits, and blatant violation of our specific enumerated rights, it is long past time to revoke consent.—Joe]


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  1. I am surprised that, somewhere out in the vast areas that make up the honest hardworking folk of these so-called United States, no one has written and published a document that begins simply….

    “When in the course of human events…”

    Of course, I’ve been thinking that for the last 30 to 40 years.

    • Keep in mind — both back then and now — nobody is SUPER eager to see the balloon go up on this.

      I’ve seen more than a couple historical ‘what if’s’ where instead of getting turfed, Lord Pitt (who was sympathetic to the colonists) defies George III. The result, eventually, is that the American colonies become a Viceroyalty, and tensions gradually subside.

      Right up to the Intolerable Acts, the colonists still considered themselves British. But all it takes is that last straw hitting the camel’s back… and then things get interesting.

  2. I’m aware of areas, in the west especially, where Federal agents of any agency contact the local sheriff’s office and get a deputy to escort them out into the rural areas to interview someone.

    Lot’s wide open spaces, deep lakes and old mines that someone used to operating in Urban areas could get lost in and never be found. Just saying…

  3. This is why the government always creates horror stories. Burning children alive. Shooting mothers with children in their arms. The IRS destroying honest peoples lives and businesses. On and on it goes.
    They hate the fact that you are the power. And nothing can change that. They hate the fact that their that fragile.
    Their always just a few flat tires away from being helpless. For junkies that crave power. It makes them insane.
    Witness Jen Psaki’s insane lies can barely keep up.
    Consent of the governed is very real. And I fear government is about to get another schooling on the subject.

  4. People who actually think that the FBI is afraid to go into redneck central and visit violence on people who just want to be left alone apparently have never heard of or have forgotten Ruby Ridge. The FBI has NO PROBLEM killing Americans. They do so on a regular basis and if told to kill a lot more they would happily follow that order. And to date they have suffered essentially ZERO consequences…either legally or extralegally for their conduct. Unless that changes they will have no incentive to stop their abuse and no fear about continuing it.

    • Agreed, but their running out of legitimacy. All the while their hubris is on grand display.
      We use to think of them as doing something good also. America is see through that veil.
      The FBI is still the FBI and serving it’s evil masters. It’s Americans that are changing. Rapidly.

      • I don’t think either the criminals in power or their FBI flunkies give a rats ass about legitimacy anymore. When you OWN the “election machinery” you no longer need worry about polls, approval ratings or not getting reelected. And that is the ugly reality of America today.

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