Quote of the day—Kevin D. Williamson

Gun control is not about gun crime — gun control is about gun culture.

That culture-war mentality produces a great deal of sloppy thinking and ignorant commentary. Consider the case of Gail Collins in Thursday’s New York Times. Collins is hopping mad about gun shows, about which she seems to know . . . not a whole lot. “Yeah,” she writes — really, “yeah” — “right now one easy way to buy a gun without having anyone check to see if you have a history of criminal convictions, mental illness or a domestic violence restraining order is to just plunk down some cash at a gun show.”

This is — and this part still matters! — not true.

Because this is a culture-war issue rather than a crime-reduction issue, Collins apparently has not bothered thinking much about the most obvious and most relevant question: Are guns bought at gun shows a significant contributor to crime?

Kevin D. Williamson
September 16, 2021
Gun-Control Laws Aren’t about Preventing Crimes
[The obvious and relevant questions are also inconvenient for people such as Collins. Other questions not mentioned by Williamson include, “Do you realize you are advocating for infringements on a specific enumerated right?” And, “Are you aware that conspiracy to infringe upon rights is a serious Federal crime?”

Perhaps such questions will come up at their trials.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kevin D. Williamson

  1. Politicians, their media shills, and the rank and file leftist parasites and wanna-be parasites who support them will, quite simply, inevitably, tend to do whatever they can to protect their fellow criminals against their common enemy.

    Their worst enemy, and in fact the greatest threat posed to them on Earth, of course, is the honest, discerning, principled, faithful, productive, law-abiding, property-owning citizen who’s willing and able to defend his beliefs, his property, and his way of life. THAT person is “public enemy number one”, world-wide, and must be obliterated.

    I submit that (aside from puffing themselves up and glorifying themselves) every scintilla of everything the Romish left has ever done, and ever will do, is centered around that imperative. It is their “prime directive”.

    As such, disarming criminals is never going to happen. It was never an objective. Disarming you is the objective. You’re the threat, and no other.

    • Very good, man! Perfectly said!
      I would also add to prove the point. Most true criminals buy their guns from other criminals who stole them. From people who went through a background check to get it.
      And what had been shared here many times. The fact that it all has nothing to do reality, law, or culture. And everything to do with Satanic totalitarianism. The religion of domination coming to power once again.

  2. Williamson gets what he wants, whines.

    Remember, this is the guy that said Middle America needs to die.

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