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I write once in a great while when something hits me that I think you might be interested in putting in the blog, or just doing research on…
today is one of those days.  Usually I comment on the blog as “The Patriarch”

22 years ago, my father passed (no, not 22 years ago today).  A veteran of WWII, he brought home a bunch of weapons – a couple of Mauser 8mm bolt action rifles, and a single shot .22, which was apparently used for training on the Mauser.

And  Walther P-38. Matching serial numbers, and holster (it was found with a German Medical officers uniform).

When he passed, I got the pistol, and one of the Mausers.  Having hit a few rough times financially, I decided that I’d offer the pistol to my brother.  My brother has been hunting and fishing and general outdoors kind of guy (more so than I am, sadly, for many reasons)  We struck a deal and he said “ship it to me”.  This should have been my first clue.

I informed him that the law won’t allow me to ship it directly to him, so unless he wanted to drive from MN to Seattle, he needed to find an FFL to transfer it through.  This apparently surprised him.  So he sends me the address of a dealer.  Then I explained to him that I needed a copy of their FFL (for the shipper to verify the address), and why.  I called them, and they promptly got my that.

Now it gets even more interesting.  The FFL is asking for *my* FFL, but it’s not required, when shipping from WA, to ship through an FFL< only TO an FFL… which they researched and agreed with me about.  So, I ship it to them.

My brother goes to pick it up – I offhandedly mentioned that he would need to fill out the 4473 and do the NICS … a couple hours later he texts me and says that they informed him that he needed a permit to purchase.  He was way upset because he is moving at the end of the month and it will take time to get this permit.

I told him I thought it was weird he needed a permit to purchase when he wasn’t actually purchasing, and that this was weird because I thought WA firearm laws were wacky…

I was biting my tongue because I wanted to go on a rant about voting and getting people in gov’t that would respect the 2nd amendment, etc… but he wasn’t in the right frame of mind.

I was just a bit surprised that he hadn’t done the research first.

Anyway, it would seem that there are a lot of owners out there that are a bit complacent.  Not aware of what is going on in the halls of government.

Use it or not.

“The Patriarch”

I fear far too many gun owners don’t have a sufficient clue as to what is going on in many of the states. I’ve essentially given up on the legislatures and am betting (with thousands of dollars in donations each year to SAF and FPC) on the courts to reverse the infringements.


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  1. yeah, MN has had that for a long while. need a permit to get a (handgun or “assault weapon”) gun from a dealer. Single use permit at point of sale takes 10 days of waiting, can get one from the cop shop that is good for a year (no cost), or use your CCW permit which is good for 5.

    MN also has some garbage where if you sell a gun to a private party, the seller can get f***ed if the buyer does anything naughty within a time window after purchase.

    enjoy the freedom

    • Good summary of the situation in MN. We have a couple of pretty good gun rights groups, but it is a never ending battle. We have a lot of rural Democrats who are pro gun, but the big money is with Bloomberg and Soros funded anti-gunners.

  2. I’ve given up on the Oregon legislature.

    Far from being interested in upholding gun owners’ rights, they seem to convene each session and ask each other, “How can we f**k with gun owners this year?”

    Gun restrictions don’t pass every year, but that’s usually due to one of two things: either the darn-near-permanent Democrat super-majority has bigger items on its agenda and doesn’t get around to guns, or the Oregon Firearms Federation files suits in court challenging some technical or procedural error and gets the bill or law stayed or thrown out.

    But multiple gun restrictions are proposed each and every year, and as has been pointed out, we’re playing defense: we have to win every time to keep our rights, but they only have to win once to remove them. (We don’t have much choice on the “offense vs. defense” thing. As I said, “darn-near-permanent Democrat super-majority”.)

  3. Didn’t someone once estimate something about 5 multiplied by the number of years in the shooting sports?

    Has the multiplicative factor increased to 10 or 15?

  4. It doesn’t help that EVERY TIME a legislative body meets the number of unconstitutional laws infringing on 2A rights INCREASES. And often those
    laws are contradictory. Makes it a truly herculean effort to wade through
    the mess in order to stay legal. Of course that’s PART OF THE PLAN. If
    you don’t know the law intimately and don’t follow it PRECISELY you will
    automatically become a FELON….and then can’t own a gun. The left is
    EVIL….not stupid. EVERYTHING they do has a reason. A NEFARIOUS

  5. Many gun owners don’t have a clue as to what has already happened in the states. Even if you are not an activist, you need to keep up to stay legal. CO, for example, has essentially repealed its preemption law and allows localities, including special districts, to have their own gun laws. Makes it impossible to keep up and that is the point. How many gun owners even know about the existence of special districts much less their boundaries and policies. Other states are trying this but to the best of my knowledge haven’t succeeded.

  6. Quite a shame that a perfectly legal off-book gun is now tracked and traced and on-book. So unnecessary. Take a road trip, visit family.

  7. Wait till the normies figure out the scam. As they always do, sooner or later.
    Gun control has been a loser in America from it’s founding and before. And the elitists never get that. They truly are insane.
    Talk about being assigned a suicide mission by Satan.
    Pushing gun control in America is by useful idiots only.

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