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I suppose the guns are how you soothe yourself over your other …shortcomings.

Casey @All_Caps18
Tweeted on September 3, 2021
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

From the thread:

 Mega @Moogalah

Oh no, it’s the one and only joke anti gunners have. I will now kill myself because of how clever, original, and well thought out it was.

 Ishmael Antony Gatz @PlastikGatz


Floridian80 @MLJohnson80


Jeremy Lowe @ConfiscateDeez

I cuddle mine at night and read them bedtime stories. I tell my 1911 all about his dad, John Browning. The slide then goes back and forth with happiness until it lowers it’s hammer down for the night and goes to bed. #GunsHaveFeelingsToo (Now that’s how you do something original)

Turbo Encabulator @blath4242


CrCritical Race Theory is Racist @ESameoutcome

I have never heard of a group of guys that are so obsessed with the sizes of other men’s junk as the anti-gun pervs! Does one need to have an obsession with dicks to be anti-gun, or does being anti-gun cause that obsession?

Skip Bradley Flag of United States EagleCamera @LoneOwlImages

You would think they would be starting to catch on that we have heard the “small penis” insult before and get a clue. But, no, they are pretty much without a clue.—Joe]


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  1. Thanks for the meme with the Israeli corporal!

    As an aside: sure, a moment’s thought should dispel the idea that there’s any correlation between gun ownership and penis size.

    But it’s also the silliest of ad-hominems. “You only believe X because you’re Y”… as though there cannot possibly be any other reason for your beliefs or your actions. When someone advances such an argument, it doesn’t prove anything except the arguer’s lack of imagination. (We used to see a lot of this: “you only oppose Obama because he’s black”, as though there were not perfectly legitimate reasons to oppose Obama’s policies.)

  2. At this point they’re far beyond any notion of changing the minds of those who see them for the sham they are, and so they’re just preaching to the choir, virtue signaling to one another and going for style points (and of course, as always, indoctrinating your children). It’s largely about which camp can claim the youth while the youth are still naïve.

    At some point perhaps we’d all be ensconced within our various doctrinal “camps”, preaching to the world but only being heard by our respective choirs, each camp being dismissed out of hand by the other. That’s a form of the ideal of both freedom of speech and freedom of religion, by the way. That’s the best it could get in this world.

    That would be fine and dandy, except for the fact that the Romish left and their legions can never, ever be satisfied. They’re compelled to come over and attack, rob, and do all manner of violence to their detractors. You won’t educate your children; they will. You wont control your property; they will, etc., etc., etc., etc.

    If the Jim Joneses, the David Koreshes and pope Francises of the world could just stay in their respective “Guyanas” and otherwise live in peace with a world that sees them for what they are (ridiculous and pathological), then they could drink their various flavors of deadly kool-aide and leave everyone else alone. But we all know that it can never work that way. They’ll always come out and raid everyone else, relentlessly, until there’s nothing left to steal, no mind left to corrupt, no flesh left to defile, and no heretic left to kill.

  3. I may be a member,(pun intended), Of the LDA. (Little Dick Army).
    And you got….. Joe Biden????? With nukes and F-15. (Unless he gave those away to.) With Harris, Austin, and Millie to back him up? ( At which point even Sun Tzu would probably be joining the Taliban.) Good luck with your big one.
    And since I have a small dick. Why not have the super semi-full auto 100 magazine bullet 490 thingy.
    As long as you commies are wetting yourselves over it. I’m fine with that arrangement.
    Most excellent memes, Joe!

  4. This is a continuation of the days of the Temperance Movement. They ran a ad showing a lovely young woman, and the slogan, “Lips that touch alcohol shall not touch mine.”

    During the Vietnam War, they got a little more crude with the slogan, “Girls say ‘Yes’ to boys who say ‘No’ (to the draft).” It got a lot of young men on the anti-war bandwagon, purely for the hope of getting laid.

    We could reach back thousands of years in history, and find the same thing, which is the use of women and sex as bait to lure in unsuspecting, sexually urgent young men.

    Charles Manson famously used the lure of sex to get men to join his little “family” of psychos. Sun Myung Moon did similarly with the mass marriages, and I believe Jim Jones did similarly as well.

    Therefore I see this as yet another variation on the use of the above, all either implying or directly stating that women won’t find a man attractive unless he’s a communist, Romish authoritarian, socialist, pagan, totalitarian, anti-Christ (et al) scum bag. “Come to glorious Babylon and all your fantasies will come true” and all that sort of rot. It’s a cheap trick that’s as old as the hills, and it always works well enough to make it worth keeping the ruse going because the sex drive is so powerful.

    • Notice how they never back up this claim with a study based on a random sample from each group?

      It’s a very testable hypothesis. Yet, for some reason, no one actually does the test.

      Why is that? Are they afraid of discovering the truth?

    • I’m sorry. That should have read.
      Lettuce no longer labor under delusions…

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