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If you ever wonder how Germany got to the point it did look at Australia. Insane authoritarianism, rising identitarianism, and apologists terrified of the state pretending to offer some opposition but defending camps for the ‘unclean’

Tim Pool @Timcast
Tweeted on September 4, 2021
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  1. Yes. Running in to this now. Gov MeatPuppet’s decree that all teachers and staff in school must be vaxxed unless they meet one of two very narrow exemptions will likely see me lose my job and my wife, who has a kidney problem that STRONGLY contra-indicates taking the #ClotSHot but does not technically meet the bizarrely strict exemption requirements so her doc is currently not willing to sign an exemption form , will have to choose between loss of career and income and a mystery injection that best case takes a decade off her life. And people think it’s appropriate she be forced to take it, to protect kids who are at less risk from this disease then they are from a common flu. They are completely batshit insane.

    The only “acceptable” medical exemption is basically “have you had a serious allergic reaction to this stuff before?” But there is still only the EUA product out there to be had, which can vary lot-to-lot and has blank inserts, so we cannot tell if any of the things she’s allergic to are actually in it. To say her stress level has spiked hugely since the guidance on how to interpret the medical exemptions came out is an understatement. The fact that the variant that the injection may have protected from at one time is long gone and does nothing versus the Delta Variant is just icing on the absurdity cake.

    It’s a really an unusual thing for me, but if there was ever a time for #PrayerRequest, this is is. May her doc see the light and sign the medical exemption, or the HR death-decider approve her religious exemption request. Choosing early death and hell versus joblessness and possibly forced move or homelessness is not something a good person like her should have to do.

    And yet people around here think if you are unvaxxed you are stupid and selfish.

    • My apology to you and your wife for the evil that is coming upon us. More ironic is all the doctors that had no problem signing medical marijuana cards.
      You should clip that David Martin video. The part where he says mRNA can’t be a vaccine, because it cannot prevent anything!
      Show that to the doctor.
      Prayers sent friend.

      • Thanks. The problem with Dr’s today is that they let the lawyers run their practice. They don’t do what’s best for the patient because they work for the hospital, so they are explicitly directed to do what is least likely to get them (and the hospital) sued. That is why they do nothing to treat covid patients until it’s too late; the “standards of care” guidelines were written by big pharma. Early and outpatient treatment is flatly denied. It’s “wait until they need oxy, then use that and expensive drugs with no statistical effectiveness”.

        If you have some time, this Peter McCullough presentation covers a lot of ground on prevention, treatment, how we got here, and conflicts of interest.

    • Want me to look for homes in Idaho? Or will you look for new jobs before looking for a place to live?

      • If I could secure an income that would at least come close to replacing her lost income and health care, then she’d be comfortable enough economically to refuse the shot while she looks for a replacement job. But because the extreme economic insecurity she grew up under she places very high value on that. Because of the ridiculous two-week time to be considered “fully vaxxed” the deadline to get the first shot is very fast approaching. If I had to move ahead and earn on my own for while, then let other things catch up, it would be rough but doable. Getting out of here, as comfortable as it is, is not a bad plan.

  2. Even Germany didn’t FORCE IT’S CITZENS to stay inside at home all the time.
    Australia is taking brutal tyranny to a new NEVER BEFORE REACHED LEVEL.

  3. Another vote for considering Idaho.

    A huge influx of immigrants (mostly Californians)coming into the state. The construction industry is booming. More opportunity than most places have to offer.

  4. They had fun pretending to be a free people. Now it’s back to being wardens, guards, and prisoners. Once a penal colony, always a penal colony.

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