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The FBI needs to go away. It should happen in an orderly and thoughtful process, over a period of months. Congress should authorize and create an investigative division in the U.S. Marshals Service and open applications for law enforcement officer seeking to be rigorously screened, vetted and then accessed into the new organization. Similar action was taken before in the very creation of the FBI. It is now time to clean house and restore the public’s trust in the “premier investigative agency” of federal law enforcement.

Chris Farrell
July 28, 2021
Disband the FBI
[About 99% of the Federal government needs to go away to be operating with the limits set by the U.S. Constitution. So the FBI is just a tiny snowflake at the tip of the iceberg.

And if you think about it a little bit you realize the bigger issue is all the Federal laws the FBI enforces. The laws need to be eliminated first or at least concurrently with the FBI. If they didn’t have laws to enforce their “teeth” would be essentially pulled and be mostly irrelevant.

The FBI was once extremely well regarded. I remember my dad once telling me, I must have been about eight years old at the time, how great the FBI was. They trained to shoot one handed and using their weak hand only. I was amazed at this. And, “Once the FBI is on a case the case will be solved. The FBI always gets their man.”

After Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the failed coup against President Trump, to hit just a few of the low spots, many people now rightfully regarded the FBI as an enemy of the people.—Joe]


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  1. Not going to happen. Unless something dramatic happens we are on our way to humantopia with the same outcome as mousetopia. Perhaps, if we are lucky, there will be some survivors that can pick up the pieces and start over again.

    In the meantime we need to lay a foundation for those survivors incliuding ways to manufacture basics.

  2. The FBI was once well regarded because of a narrative pushed by one J. Edgar Hoover.
    This happened because the media and Hollywood were entirely willing to do Hoover’s bidding.
    To this day, a myriad of tv shows and movies lovingly show a three second clip of the FBI HQ as part of ANY part of the storyline that involves this agency.

    It is a Federal agency that is so hideously corrupt it needs to be dissolved and criminal wrongdoing within its ranks punished.

    The likelihood of this is right about zero.

  3. Once again we see that no human institution is above corruption by power. Dis-band it. Tear it all down. Reconstitute it with the same power. In the same culture. You will have the same problems all over again.
    Human laziness pays the same. And it’s ours as much as theirs. Some of them needed hanging. And we didn’t insure justice was done. Hell, we wouldn’t even vote for it.
    Our forefathers told us to be watchful of all those whom seek power.” Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom”. And were reaping the benefits of not hoeing the corn.
    95% of DC votes communist. And we were expecting????? What exactly? A justice system?
    Our forefather aren’t spinning in theirs graves. Their chuckling and saying I told you so.

  4. Strange. By what evidence does Farrell conclude that our corrupt Congress, in setting up a new federal police force, would make it any less corrupt than the corrupt one they have now?

    Say you have terrible management at a restaurant, and the restaurant has such a bad reputation that no one goes there, and it’s failing. So you close it down and then have the same terrible managers, keeping their terrible mindset and their terrible doctrines and terrible goals, sourcing terrible help from their same terrible network of like-minded, terrible people, set up a new restaurant under a different name.

    Essentially you get the same restaurant, of course, with all the same problems built in from the ground up, only now it has a different name and a different outer appearance. Problem solved! Well sure, it may work, for an ignorant public, for a very short time, until people experience it and find out it’s no better than that other terrible restaurant that closed a while back on the other side of town.

    Frankly I can’t think of much of anything in the whole world which demonstrates a greater detachment from (or denial of) reality. And so, is Farrell really that out of touch, or is he of that same, terrible mindset?

    Now assume that Farrell is aware of all this, is NOT severely brain-damaged, and is instead just playing a tactic. So he’d be advocating for a holding game, to keep us distracted with rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Just keep us occupied so as to avoid unnecessary panic or some other reaction while we sink.

    No, this reminds me of Obama, when he said we need a civilian force, just as well trained and as well funded as our military. Brown shirts. And his wife said we need to change our history and all that. And now there have been calls to defund the police. And now Farrell says we should “disband” the FBI. These ideas are all along the same line and track of thinking, all moving in the same direction— Make everything look as terrible as possible using Critical Theory, the Dialectic Method, and actual, real corruption in high places, make mountains (global pandemic!) out of molehills (flu seasons), sow chaos and fear, thus softening the public to the idea of tearing it all down, and then “Build Back Better” (to use a phrase that’s circling the world), meaning “build back as a global, fascist, Roman authoritarian system”. Ordo Ab Chao

    • Hey guys, Look, It’s commie-bots! Jenperforms? Like in, Jen does the white house? Jen Saki, is that you?
      The only thing I would change in your statement is that nobody won. Or is going to win.
      I can only hope one day you bring your little commie struggle session to my door.
      We be hav’in a good time then. Well, one of us will.

        • I didn’t see it as a threat.

          But here IS a threat. You are welcome to criticize any politician here. But your comments must have some substance. Just random profanities such as your first two comments will be marked as SPAM and deleted in the future.

        • The brainwashing strong, in this one is. Do you feel threated, my little communist robot?
          Out of your safe space knowing somewhere on the planet you can’t play your evil little game?
          I forgot, I’m rich. I can go target practice today!
          Have a nice day at work jen. As I s’poza, jen has some performing to do down at the local truck stop.

  5. I will not disagree that the FBI, along with the other federal agencies not stipulated in the Constitution need to be abolished.

    But…when they are, merely abolishing the agency will not be enough – put Jack Loizeaux’s kids on retainer to demolish the buildings within 72 hours of an agency being abolished. The big pieces can be used to provide coral and fish habitat, the smaller stuff ground up to go into the pavement for new highways.

    When buildings get replaced with grass, trees and maybe a few benches perhaps people will get it.

  6. “Orderly process”? What’s wrong with “just lock the doors and throw away the keys”?

  7. Lyle’s point using the bad restaurant is spot on. If there is a bad culture in management, it can only replicate itself, it is impossible for it to fix the inherent problem.

    For a real life example of poor management, just look at Colt. After the death of Sam Colts wife, the people left running the company had no idea how to be profitable. Each handover of the leaders simply installed another set of poor business personnel. As an example of how poor, they lost money during WW2, which was two major wars later. (If CZ has any smarts, they will toss them all, and accept no referrals for replacements from anyone associated with the company. )

    Cleaning up the FBI would be the equivalent of cleaning out the Augean Stables. Not worth the effort. Bear in mind, there have been generations of bad agents working there, and you can bet they made sure not to hire any good people, to make the rest feel comfortable. Any good ones accidentally hired would most likely have bailed long before their 20 years ran out. “nuke it from orbit, just to make sure”

    • “Cleaning up the FBI would be the equivalent of cleaning out the Augean Stables. Not worth the effort.”

      Not the best analogy. Hercules was tasked with cleaning the Augean stables to help expiate his guilty conscience over the death of his family.

      (Note that it really wasn’t Hercules’s fault, but Hera’s.)

  8. Yes…the FBI needs to go away…along with BATFEces and most other .Gov agencies. The problem however is that these agencies and the criminals infesting them are not the real problem….they are SYMPTOMS of the bigger problem.

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