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If we’ve gotten to a point where a giant tech company, or even a little company, is silencing people who are providing first-hand sourcing for major, major news stories, or reading press releases from elected officials, that’s like not America anymore.

Naomi Wolf
July 30, 2021
Former Clinton Adviser Naomi Wolf: Big Tech Bans Leading to Self-Censorship
[I was chatting with someone about this sort of thing a few weeks ago and he said something which surprised me. He said, “I don’t expect Facebook to exist a year from now.”

I expressed my surprise but there were more important things to discuss and I dropped it. He is a former Secret Service agent, but I don’t see how that would give him insider knowledge about something as big as the elimination of Facebook as a company.

Is this a QAnon thing I haven’t heard?—Joe]


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  1. I’m not a big Q guy, but I do touch on it. I haven’t seen anything about the social media platforms disappearing from that quarter. Dr. Shiva has a pretty good suit going involving twitter for sure and maybe Facebook, and there are law suits that are being filed against the Facebook that have the potential to be pretty big.

    I do hope and think that the voting machine companies might be sued out of existence. I keep hearing rumblings on that from many quarters.

    With your qualifications and certifications, do you have any input and/or involvement with Lindell’s symposium?

    • Your comment was the first time I had heard of Lindell’s symposium. So, no, I have no input or involvement with it.

      • I have to say that I’m shocked at that response. Particularly after posting an article on censorship. Apparently censorship is working quite well.

        A man involved and well qualified in the cyber security industry has no knowledge of what will be big news about the “big lie” no matter which way it falls out.

        I think your qualifications are what exactly what he’s looking for in participants. It’s an opportunity to prove what he claims to have, which is 37TB of PCAPS on election manipulation from a foreign source- yes, I know, it’s a very big claim. – or to disprove it’s validity and take $5M. Even CNN has given this some time and has said they will attend. Strangely Fox will not.

        For some reason I do not receive emails from many site like this and I have to check back to see responses.

  2. I wouldn’t be looking at this or that specific company, but at the underlying motivations and doctrines that are driving world events. There was some outrage over the UN Agenda 21 some years back, for example…so they renamed it. Or maybe you don’t like the Common Core curricula? No problem, we’ll just call it something else and ease it in through a different door or under a different premise.

    What’s important to keep in mind is that a church-state, fascist system is considered the ideal by practically all the governments of the world, including the United States, and has been the ideal since long before we were born.

    They’ll tell you that individual rights are wonderful, even God-given, and they’ll be able to articulate that better than any Republican you ever heard in your life, BUT they’ll go on to say that the pressing needs of our time require sacrifices, or any similar language to that. Ultimately we know that the plan is to bring the world under one, fascist, church-state system, with social control like we’ve only read about in horror stories about other countries, with total resource allocation by authorities, and no individual freedom of conscience.

    Dissent is contrary to “the common good” and so if you disagree then you’re hurting and even killing your neighbors! The goal is to be able to treat you accordingly, no matter where you are or what constitution you supposedly live under. Eventually, because of the extreme reaction to your dissent, you’ll come to believe that garbage yourself, or at least to wonder if they might have a point.

    Here’s a pretty good clue, and an excellent portrayal of the fascist authoritarian mindset, wrapped up inside a cocoon of “godliness”, “love”, and “scientific understanding”, that’s already infected the governments and institutions of the world. You all should listen very carefully to the absolutist, authoritarian language portrayed by John Kerry on behalf of the pope. There’s no room in it whatsoever for dissent or other interpretations of data, “This is the way it must be, and we all need to step up…”, and so on;

  3. It is clearly an intelligence-gathering and propaganda dissemination organization in the guise of a friendly and useful social media platform. The only real question is “who is their primary backer / controller. When the election gets overturned, and a whole lot of corruption and treasonous actors get dealt with, I’d not be surprised if a number of companies, FB included, either cease to exist, get radically broken up and assets stripped and sold off as their main people are arrested, or become a hollow shell of their former self.

    Am I an optomist? Maybe. But there are too many things out there that don’t add up for us to not be nearing a MAJOR historical inflection point. Just hope the nicotine and ivermectin cure for the vaxxed is correct.

  4. I left FB over a censorship/community standards disagreement. It appears that many others have done the same, though who knows how many there might be.

    I could see one or both of two things happening: hemorrhage of users, and breakup due to antitrust or other lawsuits (vague t&c, changed on a whim, chilling effect, partnership with .gov, etc.).

    No guarantees on any of it, of course.

    I could also see Congress trying to mandate FB for all, and making TOS violations punishable by law (but only straight white male conservatives would be punished). It’s a little out there, but how far removed is it really, considering everything else they’ve done?

  5. FaecesBook is a skin used to cover up a CIA program that was developed to fool people into voluntarily giving up their privacy and posting their life on the web so the .Gov could sift through it and store the useful bits. While unlikely FarceBook may get shut down…..in favor of something more useful. Only time will tell.

    • I don’t believe a government program could be as financially successful as Facebook without using the threat of violence to collect the money.

      • “…as financially successful as Facebook…”

        Well, IF someone in government was smart enough to establish Facebook as a completely independent and fully disconnected contractor or assist it in becoming one, it could.

        Expanding on Rolf’s point (above) a bit, it’s possible that the full unraveling of the election fraud and malfeasance may lead to uncovering relationships heretofore unsuspected.

        That sounds like tinfoil hat territory, but there’s a layer of “multi-point operating intelligence” that does not exist in a pure vacuum, something is providing support or assistance, or has done so at some point. That assistance may be as simple as avoidance of interference or complex as providing data assistance; I think it’s a fair bet that certain federal organizations are very seriously interested in whatever personal and personnel data Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al discover, compile and store. That could mean “we’ve hacked into their system and can read everything” or “we’ll run some degree of interference for their operation to protect it,” or neither, or both.

        I cannot believe some sectors of the U.S. Intelligence apparatus have not penetrated those data sets, whether illegitmately or legitimately, and if those data, however accessed, are considered a resource it would be unreasonable to expect that they are not receiving some degree of protection whether that protection is visible or not, or however slight.

        • Your right. No way in hell the government intel agencies passed any of that up.
          Facebook/Google is the Stasi wet dream come true.
          And we can train AI at the same time!
          Ya, their up to their ears in it all.

      • When you realize that a large percentage of advertising money is actually a money laundering operation, which can make sure enough gets spent on specific platforms that they survive, it will make more sense.

        Sort of like “OnlyFans” is a combine money laundering and honeypot and “gathering Kompromat for future use” operation, then its “success” becomes believable; it’s useful to TPTB.

        • RE: “… a large percentage of advertising money is actually a money laundering operation,…”

          Can you provide more info on this? I’ve wondered about how whose dollars are going where to support what for a while. Advertising is expensive and largely opaque to those outside it.

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