Quote of the day—Dave Rubin

Wokeism has infected the system and it is destroying everything. Let’s say the New York Times was always sort of Left, but it wasn’t bananas Left. There was a big plurality of opinion there and obviously Barry Weiss was there.

Barry Weiss, who’s a liberal. She’s a liberal, which doesn’t even really make sense to me anymore. But God bless her, she’s a liberal. She couldn’t even take it there anymore because there’s no Left far enough for the Left. There’s no woke enough for the wokesters.

They’re constantly purging people and as they do that purge, they’re going to destroy every institution that they’re let into.

Dave Rubin
July 27, 2021
Dave Rubin: A Growing Alliance Against the ‘Cult’ of Woke Ideology
[Encouraging stuff in the interview. Rubin claims more and more people are seeing the light. Seeing that the political left has gone completely off their rockers. And once they see this, there is no unseeing it. They then see the toxicity of the left and that it can be accurately described as a cult.

Once they see the insanity they may not become instant classic liberals or libertarians. But they are escaping the cult and are publicly pointing out the errors of the cultists.

Probably most importantly is that people are starting to think for themselves. They realize the sides are not left and right or “woke” and fascists/racist/supremist.

I especially like how he describes the “sides”. The sides are best described by “cognitive liberty” and “cognitive outsourcing”. Once people realize they are allowed to, and are capable of, thinking for themselves the world will be a much better place. We won’t all arrive at some universal truth. But it will mean you don’t become a social outcast if you aren’t woke enough. It will mean we have a decent chance of avoiding universal error.—Joe]


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  1. It’s good this syndrome is being talked about more openly. It should be taught in high school civics classes. And didn’t Vox Day write a book or two on this subject, like years ago? It’s nice to know that it burns itself out. One only hopes the damage is minimal.
    Reading the Bible shows this same pattern of human interaction. As the Scribes and Pharisees of Jesus time destroying lives in a quest for holy purity. To the point of, “straining at a gnat, and swallowing a camel.” Kind of like the Chuck and Nancy J6 theatre we see on the big screen today?
    Humans don’t change much. And wokeism is just a new name for it.

  2. There was a neat op-ed in the WSJ a couple of days ago, describing how Facebook was getting attacked from all sides. What was fun is that the opening sentence mentioned Robespierre and Trotsky, commenting that Zuckerberg wasn’t (“not yet”) facing those kinds of consequences. But it was a good discussion of “the revolution eats its own”. 🙂

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