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The constitution is pointless. It was meant to restrain govt. That didn’t work. The rights you have are the ones you take. In other words quit arguing about it and make machine guns in your garage.

john @john76804114
Tweeted on July 24, 2021
[I’m not sure I agree with this.

I’m incline to keep my car in the garage and have a nice shop for those sort of things.—Joe]


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  1. My definition of a “right” has been a freedom that you are willing to risk your wealth, freedom, and life to defend.

    A piece of paper can’t and won’t restrain Government. We have to. We haven’t.

    • Exactly. That’s the part of history the politicians carved out. That and the fact that violence actually does work. (If it didn’t they wouldn’t use it so much.)

  2. Our grandparents swallowed the Progressive lies, hook, line and sinker, over 100 years ago. They systematically restructured our public schools, churches, media and entertainment as the means of promoting that agenda. It’s been so deeply rooted, engrained and metastasized throughout our thinking today that we don’t even recognize its various components as foreign, invading doctrines.

    The secular Progressive era also happens to coincide with it’s religious iteration, spelled out in detail in Rerum Novarum. It’s no secret. The entire world has been talking about it, and its modern re-write, Fratelli Tutti. They’re both published now on-line for all to see.

    And so we have the secular and religious worlds having joined forces toward a common goal. The atheists and agnostics will rightly say that this redistributionist, coercive authoritarian system is promoted by much of Christianity, and the Christians can rightly say that communism is due to the lack of God in our lives.

    Those two outlooks together represent a false dialectic, the thesis and the antithesis. The synthesis that’s already in play is the joining of church and state, false religion and false science, to produce a global, coercive authoritarian system;


    Just as in the Dark Ages, this new system has two “Infallible” authorities supporting it, one for the secular world (the scientific community and the universities) and one for the religious world (Pontifex Maximus, Vicarius Filii Dei, and the Magisterium). They’re singing the same tune, taking us to the same place, one under the pretense of science and the other under the pretense of spirituality. They already have all the bases covered.

    Now, what are you and your shed-built machine guns going to do about that, when both your purported “friends” and “enemies” have embraced one form or the other, or various pieces of each form, of the same set of enemy doctrines?

  3. Full-autos are fun. And easy to build. But after watching someone like Lucas Botkin shoot. You realize there’s not much to be gained by them. But if you got the ammo, why not!

  4. I’m inclined to agree. The rules that we write down can guide society only if they are not questioned.

  5. “” The constitution is pointless. It was meant to restrain govt. That didn’t work. The rights you have are the ones you take.”””

    Spot On

  6. “….and have a nice shop for those sort of things.”

    I’ll go with a clandestine machine shop on the order of the ammo factory the Israelis had in the basement of a laundry.

    And I wouldn’t say the Constitution is completely pointless. It is a legal document that can be used in evidence in the trials of those goobermint officials – and others – who have violated it. That is, if they survive to make it to trial if/when things do go ‘south’.

  7. Most people refuse to acknowledge the very ugly reality that the ONLY
    Rights you have and can exercise are the ones you are willing to fight
    for, die for and most importantly KILL for.

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