6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Dana Whyte

  1. Pretty much like the war on drugs has done? Wasn’t Biden in on that one to?
    The dead and wounded don’t lie. The black community is were the problem is.
    So ya, I think it’s going to effect them more. No worries, Stalwell and Beto will fix it for them. They’ll get whitey for ya NAACP!

    • And Bootiedge, And whoever it was recently appointed to BATF who had a picture taken AND PUBLISHED of him standing in front of the Branch Davidian Compound post incendiary assault like he was Hemingway or Capstick standing with a trophy lion.
      The gloves are off and the mask has dropped, yet half the citizenry are literally as stupid as sheep. Gotta see what the next Kardashian malarkey on TV is.

  2. When the Demonrats have lost the NAACP it’s sure sign they’ve gone too far…..

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