Quote of the day—Gad Saad

Utopians believe that the world could be a perfect place except for this one group that is stopping the world from becoming a perfect place.

Gad Saad
May 31, 2021
Woke Ideology Mimics Precursors to Totalitarian Slaughter, Experts Say
[See also this YouTube video.

We are facing “Woke” and Marxist utopians infiltrated into government, schools, and many large businesses. They are accumulating power and each concession of power increases their lust for more.

History shows us this is a well worn path to genocide.

Prepare accordingly.—Joe]


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  1. The big difference now is that the path to genocide is being walked in a country where its citizens are armed to the teeth to fight just such a thing. If it continues, there will be massive amounts of death, but it won’t be just the one side that is ‘in the way’ dying off.

    People think when the shooting starts, it’ll be clear lines, but history also shows us that isn’t the case either. Not a good thing, I pray it never comes to pass.

  2. Yes. And furthermore, they believe that the solution to this “problem” is either the forced conversion of that group, or its extermination.
    Both these schemes go back about a millennium. They were used by early Islam, and a few centuries later by the Inquisition. Interestingly enough, I don’t know of examples earlier than that.

    • “Both these schemes go back about a millennium.”

      More like six millennia, I should think. This “feces show” is as old as human history. It stated with Cain killing Able. There’s your earliest example. Nebuchadnezzar’s death decree against anyone who refused to worship his statue is another. There are many more. These events are something we all need to understand. They aren’t just quaint stories, but lessons of history and of the human condition, for our time. They serve as the types to today’s antitypes.

      • My thoughts exactly though I would drive it back 9 millennia. That was the point when the first city arose. The entire point of cities is to control, by any means necessary, enough surrounding countryside for the urban elites to exploit so as to be prosperous and maintain or expand the size of the city which could not be done by natural increase until the late 1800s.

  3. Yet, is this conquest not different? Yes, we’re a nation armed to the teeth, but while there has been some parallels in history, this conquest has taken place without armed force. So how do we respond if they never use force and instead use their control of the government, institutions, and companies to exclude us as a troublesome minority like is being done in South Africa?

    • Quietly create our own institutions, companies, etc. as necessary. Peacefully. Being armed to the teeth, ironically, substantially improves the odds of keeping everything peaceful. And peace confuses them, and breaks their narrative. They clearly want for us to kick something off, the best thing to do is to deny them that satisfaction.

      • I like that idea, but it will take time and it won’t be easy. So where and how do we start?

        • Allow me to clarify:

          Step 1: Stop playing the Left’s game (Lyle is on to something here).

          Step 2: Play your own game, whatever that is. Establish the rules.

          Step 3: Get others to play your game with you. Show them that your way is better. If you make a good case, some will follow. Then more.

          Step 4: At this point, the stage is set either to separate successfully, or to win outright.

          It’s up to individuals to fill in the rest. There are enough of us, the details will fall into place. It’s hard to see them, because it’s early and we’ve been complacent for far too long.

      • How about extending the sanctuary movement to existing companies and instructions?

  4. Chet. That seems to be an old tyrants trick also. Or more just the nature of the beast? Regulate every facet of your life. And steal everything legally.
    But that leads to it’s own breaking point. With the Magna Carta in old England.. Also with our forefathers all the way up to 1776. They suffered the same ignorance of elitist tyrants that ruled through fear.
    We just have to over come the mental stain that comes from fighting back. ( We will become what we’ve been taught to hate most of our lives.) That and the fact that we don’t have a clear direction forward.
    All I’m sure of is when something triggers it. It happens real fast.
    South Africans were always the minority. Not so America.
    You going to give up your guns? You going to pay reparations?
    And just as a side note. How’s that work for a mulatto?
    They send the government $500.00 a month. And the government sends them $200.00 back?

    • Magna Carta is a bit different, that was one branch of the aristocracy protecting itself from another. The people were not involved in that.
      But yes, 1776 certainly fits. So, interestingly enough, does Dutch independence two centuries earlier, which also had its Declaration of Independence with strikingly similar arguments in it. The main differences are that it wasn’t a piece of brilliant prose, and that its existence (let alone its contents) are not taught in schools.

    • You are right, but you do not get to fight the war you want. We need to prepare for the worst case. For us, it seems to me that the worst case is continued incrementalism without ever crossing the line that would signal that the balloon has gone up. That is how we got to where we are and that is the path that we seem to be on.

      We win some, cheer, and then we lose. We hang our hats on every attempt to turn the tables, only to find that the tables are not overturned after months or years. We compromise only to find that we did not get what we expected. We complain only to find that we are only talking to ourselves or our are outright rejected.

      We see our constitution being ignored, and we complain or even file a lawsuit only to have it dismissed after months or years. We see our laws being selectively enforced and it is cheered. We hope that reality will have some impact only to find that it is explained away, and their course of action is not deterred.

      It feels like there is no we and the left has no real opposition. Sure, we have talking heads and the so-called conservatives, but they are more like the carefree executive with their feet on the desk while the crisis is ongoing. At best they are on a slippery slope just holding their own while documenting one outrage after another. I cannot really blame us or them. What would you have them do? We have become strangers in our own land. We are disoriented and shell shocked at what is happening. We are a nation divided and we cannot even divide.

      If there is a solution that leaves western civilization intact, we need a strategy paradigm shift. I keep thinking that we need a one something like the one that Mr. Smith found in a Stranger in a New Land, but, of course, that was science fiction.

      As Benjamin Franklin reportedly said in his sobering assessment at the end of the Constitutional Convention: you now have a republic if you can keep it. Yet today few would acknowledge or even know that we are a republic and not a democracy with winner take all rules. Certantilly not the left. Pat Buchannan and others have been warning us for years. Now it looks like we are past the point of no return. The republic is dead.

      We are like the Anglo-Saxons after the Saxion invasion. There is no turning back. Unfortunately, our future looks dark. It is past time to prepare for the coming dystopia and attempts to make us second class citizens and outlaws. Perhaps then we will get our act together.

      • We may not live to see a better life. But that’s not a good reason to give up on one. Dark future or no.
        Your children will remember. That you were willing to fight for one. For them.
        As Mark Twain said. I left home at 14. Came back when I was 21. It was amazing how much my father learned in those 7 years!

        • I’m not giving up but I do agree that for many of us we will not likely see better times in our lifetimes. I’m focused on preparing for what lies ahead mostly for my son, wife, and grandchildren.

          I keep reminding my wife that even during the worst of times, life goes on and then it is not all bad even if the world is falling apart.

  5. In the video they seem to adhere to the false “Right v. Left” paradigm, in which Nazis are at the “far right” and communists are at the “far left”. Yet anyone with a cursory understanding of modern history knows that the Nazis were the “National Socialist Workers’ Party”. Marxists. And so, anyone who thinks they can somehow tactically position themselves in the “middle” between the two “extremes” and thus be more righteous than either, is sickeningly mistaken. You’d still be a bloody Marxist.

    No! The more correct paradigm has both Nazis and communists, and anyone anywhere between the two, at the “far left” and Jesus Christ, with God’s “perfect Law of liberty”, as Christ put it, at the “far right”.

    Even more succinctly; the mindset leading to Lucifer’s fall is the definition of “far left” and Christ and the Decalogue define the “far right”. And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the Great Controversy in the world. There’s only ever been the one.

    Now, many atheists will jump on that (I can already hear it) and point out all the destruction, murder and mayhem that’s been committed in the name of Christ, but that’s all easily dismissed as being un-Christ-like (in fact it is anti-Christ), and so those perpetrators were not Christians. And so that argument against Christianity is null. QED. Anyone can investigate for himself and discover what it is that Christ stands for, and so the “theft-and-murder-in-the-name-of-Christ” meme is ignorance at best. One sentence in the entire Bible, “Thou shalt not murder” is proof enough of the fallacy of that argument, such that no earnest, truth-seeking person would espouse it.

    Combine that single-sentence, open-and-shut case with the rest of the Decalogue and you have an air-tight legal case against any and all authoritarian, collectivist, coercive-redistributionist, racist, class-based or other “social justice” systems and mindsets ever, all wrapped up in about half a page of standard-sized text, with the nice bow on top being the fact that the “Perfect Law of Liberty” comes from your Creator, who loves you. This isn’t complicated, People.

  6. In the video they do at least point to the institution of the papacy, and their main military and psy-ops branch, the jesuits, as promoting “social justice”. Of course that’s undeniable– Several papal encyclicals promote the SJW, or overall Marxist, mindset, and in fact they go far beyond mere promotion and order its implementation. What those on the panel apparently do not know is that the papal/jesuit system is almost certainly, and has been all along, the primary driving force of that poison in the world. It’s not that the papacy got the idea from the Maoist or Soviet movements, or from Marx, but it’s almost certainly the other way ’round– Those movements are spin-offs from the “mother” institution of the papacy. And since their objective all along has been the total obliteration of the Protestant Movement (“Sola Scriptura”), it would appear that they’ve been doing a good job.

  7. The universe would be a perfect place if only we got rid of those horrible protons.

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