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A brand new day has dawned, in which the ACLU is in favor of civil liberties only for those who support the left, making the “civil liberties” in the title something like Orwell’s Ministry of Truth and Ministry of Love, the opposite of what it professes to be.

June 8, 2021
The ACLU has made the name of the organization Orwellian
[Their distain for the 2nd Amendment is a concrete example.—Joe]


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  1. As the late Neil Schulman documented in detail, the ACLU’s hatred of the 2nd Amendment goes back decades at least. Come to think of it, it isn’t clear to me that the ACLU has ever supported any amendment other than the 1st. And in recent years even that support has become basically meaningless.
    Right now, their integrity level ranks right down there with that of Al Sharpton.

    • The ACLU was founded by the Communists for the express purpose of committing lawfare against America.

  2. Founded in 1920? Managed to miss the whole NFA mess. Plus the resulting carnage to society that followed. Never thought to file an injunction on behalf of the branch Davidians under siege. What you think they would do if a 100 people were under siege in an abortion clinic?
    Ya, I’d say they have always been Orwell-named.
    More importantly it shows how long this crap has been going on.

    • Yup. When people look into the actual origins and motivations of the ACLU, and its first cases and situations it argued and defended, they are likely to see it in an entirely different light. I used to support them, long ago was even a member in my younger and more ignorant days. Now? They defend only that which weakens and divided western civilization. Let them rot in a ditch, infested by maggots and feeding the crows.

  3. The Soviets said, long ago, that they would use our own (American) systems to destroy us. That’s how the left media have always used “free speech”. It’s free speech for them, but when you do it it’s incitement, or some kind of outrage against the “common good”, and can’t safely be tolerated. The Jesuits used the same doctrine against the entire Protestant world. That’s all you’re seeing.

    And our tax and regulation systems works likewise— We fund virtually all of the left’s efforts aimed at destroying us, and the more they clamp down on us the more we support them. It’s a beautiful, glorious, brilliant and delicious evil.

    Pointing out this or that little sub-organization though (or subchapter of a sub-organization), as if it had sprouted independently from the grass roots, leaves one yet still capable of entirely missing the point. I believe Rolf is alluding to this notion. One man, George Soros, for example, has scores, a whole “network” as he put it, of “associations”, and he was never really his own boss, was he? No one is.

    And so, to truly expose them for what they are, it is necessary to dig deep to expose their entire network of associations. That’s a daunting task and they in the enemy camp know it, yet it’s not impossible.

  4. The ACLU in ALL of it’s history has NEVER supported freedom or rights.
    It was founded by communists, it’s run by communists and it’s agenda
    is the implementation of communism. In a sane and just world EVERY
    person working for the ACLU should be twitching on the end of a rope
    as the traitorous seditionists they are.

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