Quote of the day—Operation Blazing Sword / Pink Pistols

We oppose David Chipman’s nomination as ATF Director with the same vigor as we would if a known homophobe were nominated to oversee hate crime investigation, and for exactly the same reasons.

Operation Blazing Sword / Pink Pistols
May 29, 2021
Chipman Appointment: “Like a Homophobe Investigating Hate Crimes”
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Operation Blazing Sword / Pink Pistols

  1. Chipman’s nomination is like a bad joke. Except, you know, it’s not funny at all. And the mandarins in D.C. seriously think he’d be a good fit.

    • They are probably right about that. And that’s precisely the reason to oppose the appointment — or any appointment, or any money, or any job opening, in that agency.

      • My general rule of thumb is, “Anyone who wants power should be kept as far from it as possible.”

        If someone must sit in that office, then it should be someone who sees it as a duty and hardship, and not someone who takes pleasure in exercising that power.

  2. But as Lyle would point out. Chipman is exactly the guy for the job.
    They want someone with a proven track record of burning children alive. Just like Hitler not telling anyone to go murder Jews. The people he hired already have it in their wicked little souls. Just turn’em lose and never report the atrocities that follow.
    Such is the play book of every group that gets conned by Satan. The Satan conned communist of today will be no different.
    Chipman will be the director from hell. Just as Obama/ Xi want it.

    • The people he hired already have it in their wicked little souls. Just turn’em lose and never report the atrocities that follow.

      I’m pretty sure I read this book. It was called Enemies, Foreign and Domestic, by Matthew Bracken. (He sometimes puts up the Kindle version for the low, low price of $0.00, so keep an eye out.)

      The only difference is, in the novel it was a team of unconvicted-criminal thugs from the FBI running off-books operations, burning down homes with people inside, and abducting (and “disappearing”) “problematic” people. Not the ATF.

      Life imitates art, as they say.

  3. I get the Pink Pistols’ quote, of course, but it must be pointed out that there’s no real equivalency there. Investigating crimes (“hate” crimes or any other real crime) is, on the surface at least, a legitimate, constitutional activity, whereas limiting, restricting or chilling a constitutionally enumerated right is not.

    And so, as MTHead points out, any appointment to the Bureau would be illegitimate, for the simple fact that the whole Bureau and its purpose is illegitimate. It’s built on a hold-over of the Prohibition era which failed to be tossed into the waste bin during the first weeks of 1934. Yet, we must allow that, given the Bureau’s nefarious and anti-constitutional thus anti-American purposes, indeed, Chipman is well and properly qualified. As an enemy of the American Founding Principles of liberty, Chipman’s appointment makes perfect, logical sense and has clearly been well considered.

    • The analogy rubs me the wrong way too. I didn’t have the time to articulate my concerns when I was posting that. Your first paragraph catches the essence of my concern.

      Had I the time to think about it and post an alternative analogy, I would have proposed something like, “It’s like nominating a known homophobe to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Sex Deviants. The existence of a government organization tasked with infringing upon a specific enumerated right tells you all you need to know to appropriately deal with it and anyone seeking to be its director.”

  4. Is Chipman’s Rape-of-Nanking-Style trophy photo at Waco on line or has it been as suppressed as Obama’s odious speech which has been held by the Los Angeles Times since 2007 or thereabouts?

    • Here.

      There is some question about that actually being him. I give some credence to that possibility.

      He denies it was him. I’ll throw that in the collection of evidence and give it all the weight it deserves.

      • It was after all the FBI that burned the place down, not the ATF. I assume that ATF guys were still around when that happened, though.

        If we actually had media, someone could file a FOIA request for his whereabouts on that day.

        • You don’t have to be “media” (whatever that means) to file a FOIA request.

      • Give it the weight it deserves. Exactly. He was there to see two army helicopters shot down, wasn’t he? He must have been there for the forensics to know that they were shot with 50 cals. Right?
        What Chipman will say will always be dependent on whom he’s showing his resume to.
        In reality he’s just another parasite that’s been conned by Satan. And he gets confirmed, fights on.

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