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The ATF’s entire reason for existing is to restrict liberty. Proposed rule 2021R-05, which seeks to redefine “frame or receiver,” is a perfect example of this. An agency like that cannot be redeemed. Submit a comment and stand for natural rights at Fight ATF!

Firearms Policy Coalition @gunpolicy
Tweeted on May 27, 2021
[With all the people supporting the “defund the police” movement you would think abolishing the ATF could get some traction. It’s not going to happen.

As a side note, I find it interesting that the people most interested in defunding the police don’t want to defund the ATF. And those most interested in abolishing the ATF don’t want to defund the police.—Joe]


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  1. Can we not say: F**k you. We don’t care?

    Are we not seeing changes in attitude as we speak? For example, COVID’s WFH/DL looks permeant because it seems that most people like the FREEDOM that comes from WFH/DL. And in turn that will create new local social structures that will develop independence from the large institutions and government that pushes us toward collectivism.

    My hope is that WFH/DL will not revolve around either work or school which will enable us to say: F**k you. We don’t care. If we’re not commuting to work do we need a new car, mass transit, more roads, and more office space? If we’re not sending our kids to school do we need need more transportation or facilities? If we’re not doing these things do we need a new green deal because we will have cut our energy consumption in half? And if we’re not doing these things, do we not need less government?

    And do you think that there is not a backlash coming due to the knobs and dials being twisted by officials? And how about ANTIFA and BLM? Can we not say: F**k you. We don’t care?

    PS: I do not expect that this will be a smooth process. There will be resistance from both the right and left, along with s**t storms.

  2. “Defund the police” is not and never has been about eliminating policing. The people chanting that in the streets think it is, but it’s not.

    It’s really about federalizing/nationalizing local police into a Constitutionally-prohibited standing army, with their guns aimed squarely at freedom-loving American citizens.

    How it would go: Your local police department is defunded into oblivion, and your local cops are all laid off. Crime and violence soars. The feds declare a state of emergency and step in, sending their agents — with zero local ties — into your town to enforce order. Those agents are not loyal to the town, to its citizens, or to local or state government; they are loyal to the federal government (read: the White House) and take their orders from there.

    Thus, the Biden/Harris administration effectively controls policing in your little town, and can at their pleasure enforce any law — Constitutional or not — or no law at all, and there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it.

    That’s the point of the “defund the police” movement. The protesters for “justice” just don’t know it yet.

  3. “I find it interesting that the people most interested in defunding the police don’t want to defund the ATF. And those most interested in abolishing the ATF don’t want to defund the police.”

    More than merely interesting, it’s telling once you consider that the lawful citizens, dedicated to our nation’s founding principles, are the “problem” in need of a “solution”. Disruption and persecution being among the standard playbook tactics for overturning a society, the two goals of “defund the police” and “keep and expand ATF” are perfectly consistent with one another. Remember, you are the “problem”, while not the common criminal or the jihadist is a misunderstood victim.

    Too many of us are prone to think of the left as stupid or ignorant, and while they’re certainly willing to employ the mentally challenged and the ignorant, their behavior over a time of generations is entirely consistent with a group intent on eliminating Western Judaeo-Christian Civilization, i.e. “The Free World” as we once knew it.

  4. This is exactly how it will be. The need for a police function will not go away, it will merely be federalized, and the result will be exactly as Archer says. The incidents in New Orleans after Katrina fifteen years ago were just a dress rehearsal, or a proof of concept.

  5. Maybe we’ll all get lucky, an Kamala will make the new police all wear nice lite-blue targets? I mean helmets, sorry.

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