Quote of the day—Robb Allen @ItsRobbAllen

The problem isn’t who is being picked to lead the ATF, the problem is that there an ATF to be lead.

Abolish it.

Robb Allen @ItsRobbAllen
Tweeted on May 29, 2021
[Why should there exist a government organization to regulate an specific enumerated right? Is there a government bureau for the regulation of churches?

See also: Some questions don’t make sense in a free society.—Joe]


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  1. Speaking of the ATF, I hate to focus on a person’s appearance, but Chipman looks like a parodist’s drawing of a Concentration Camp Guard.

  2. Another one of Trump’s failings in my estimation. Not dust binning the ATF. But then no more than any other president in the last 90 years.
    And so much for congressional oversight?
    Has anyone asked that moron Chipman about his roll in Mexican gun running to the cartel’s for Obama/Biden? The trophy photo over the ashes of burned children?
    Maybe asking how he’s going to collect revenue from something that’s been banned? I mean NFA is a revenue bill right?
    The problem I see is once one starts down the road of cleaning up government. It turns into a career. Where upward mobility seems endless. And no good deed will go unpunished.

    • To say that someone “failed” you must first have come to the conclusion, based on the discoverable evidence, that you know, beyond reasonable doubt, his motivation or goal.

      You say Trump failed and I say he succeeded. That’s because we have very different understandings of his motivations and goals, or as I would put it, his assigned role.

      As for chipman’s purported involvement in Operation Fast and Furious, that would, in Romish thinking, be a résumé enhancement rather than, as you appear to assume, a liability. As Dan Rather put so well, it would have demonstrated his “Courage”.

      And yet again, as for the common assertion that the Romish left consists of morons;
      Those “morons” largely run the world and they’re gaining and consolodating power. We live, for the most part, by their rules and they live off of our productivity. So we have to ask ourselves, if there are morons significantly affecting that arrangement, then who are they, really, and which side are they on?

      • IOW: “We have met the enemy and he is us.” A truth that we continue to ignore at our peril.

        • Perhaps I should explain. What I mean is that as best I can tell most of us have participated in tech over our lifetime and it is the success of tech beyond our wildest dreams that has enable pseudo science to become the dominate belief system. After all the success of tech seems responsible for going from a world of scarcity to a world of plenty in just a few decades. Just look around and think back 40 years ago and see what has changed. We now live in the richest period of history and are awash in consumer goods.

          Very few would be considering a new green deal, diversity, or equality if they were cold or hungry themselves. So our tech successes have enabled and fostered a pseudo science that will lead us to a new dark age.

          Just look at Enslee’s knobs and dials he loves to talk about: he believes that they work and it is the future of government. In his mind, dreams are reality and tech can deliver.

          • Sorry Chet. That last comment was for Lyle.
            Your absolutely correct. We are our own worst enemy. And always have been.
            And even the whole worlds knowledge base at our fingertips doesn’t seem to change it.

  3. I dislike your application of the words “regulate” and “regulation”, which are positive terms meaning, To make more efficient.

    More to the intended point I think would be “restrict” and “restriction”, “impede” and “impediment”, “infringe” and “infringement” or “violate” and “violation”.

  4. “Is there a government bureau for the regulation of churches?”

    Don’t give the control freaks in The District Of Criminality any ideas…..

    • The Bureau of Speech, Press, Religion, Assembly and Petitions.
      Yep, we’re getting there.

  5. The incompetence of the ATF is a net positive. As long as the unconstitutional laws are on the books, they will be enforced by someone who is likely to be more dangerous than the ATF.

    • This, right here, is one of the chief arguments in favor of keeping the ATF around.

      The fact of the matter is that the ATF’s history of abusive, arbitrary, and capricious actions is so widely known that it functions as a proverbial firebreak: When people complain of abuse at the hands of the ATF, the default response from politicians isn’t “I can’t believe they’d have done that; We’ll need to ‘investigate’ this for a few years before ignoring it completely, and then never actually doing anything about it.” it’s “Wait, those incompetent morons did WHAT?”

      For reference, FBI spied on Congress and a sitting President, and they’ve gotten away with it. By contrast, ATF NFA branch has been working it’s tail off for several years to get NFA paperwork moving as fast as they can, because they know that congressional noses get seriously out of joint when NFA transfer times get too high.

      The other argument is budgets, and how agencies are likely to spend them: Of all the agencies poised to take over the ATF’s duties, the most likely candidate is the FBI. The short version is that they’d likely treat NFA transfers like they already treat NICS appeals, and to a lesser extent, NICS, while on the other hand putting most of their resources into new IOIs to task with harassing FFLs into giving up their licenses.

      TLDR: Only abolish the ATF once the firearm laws they currently enforce cease to exist.

  6. Never mind the “specific enumerated right”. The other issue with BATFE is that Article 1 Section 8 doesn’t authorize any of the things it does, so it is unconstitutional even if you pay no attention to the 2nd Amendment.

  7. Government power is the gun in the room. The libertarian speaks as if by not picking up the gun, he is the moral superior. I urge you to just pick up the gun.

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