Some questions don’t make sense in a free society

Things you don’t hear:

  • When someone has an accident while driving drunk: Where did they get their booze?
  • When someone dies from lung cancer: Where did they get their cigarettes?
  • When someone won’t let their kids be immunized for religious reasons: Where did they get their Bible?
  • When someone robs a bank: where did they get the getaway car?
  • When someone goes free when everyone is pretty sure they committed the crime: Where did they get their lawyer?

Well… Maybe you will hear that last question. But it’s because people want to make a note of it in case they need a good lawyer someday.

So why, in a free society, after a crime was committed with a gun would someone seriously ask, “Where did they get their gun?”

I can only think of two reasons. Either they don’t think we have a free society or they don’t want us to have a free society.


11 thoughts on “Some questions don’t make sense in a free society

  1. Who sold you your computer?

    Maybe this is hate speech– Who taught you to write? What books have you been reading? Who have you been talking with?

    Who is providing your internet access?

    Who is hosting your blog?

    Someone needs to look into all this, as there are a lot of un-answered questions and a lot of people with a lot of explainin’ to do. If you’re worrying or upsetting people here, surely they have the RIGHT to know how it’s all being put together, who all had a hand in it, who’s paying for what and who’s profiting from it along the way. It only makes sense to get to the bottom of it and hold people accountable. I’m for freedom of speech and all, but we can’t just have people SAYING things all willy nilly, or coming up with ideas all of their own without some proper direction, standards and accreditation.

    • This is exactly the kind of thing the IRS has been doing to political enemies of the left, so although I was making a joke, it’s already been a reality.

  2. Actually, you do hear the first question too. When someone has a drunk driving accident and they were out boozing it up, the bar usually gets in trouble.

  3. If kids die while driving drunk, the police ask where the liquor came from.
    If Tom dies from melanoma, the lawyers ask where the asbestos came from.
    When all the sailors get the clap, the navy doctor ask where they got it.
    You deposit too much money into your bank account at once, and Uncle Sam will
    grab it until you explain where it came from.
    Woman gets pregnant, the state wants to know who to send the patrimony bill to.
    All ‘food facilities’ have to register with the FDA, so that all food can be tracked ( )

    The gun culture is not being singled out, it just feels that way.

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