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Red August was effectively a series of politically motivated riots; however, the riots were not stopped by the police force of China. The Red Guards often received official protection from the police, who instead enacted harsh measures against anyone who dared to resist Mao’s Red Guards. Red August is generally considered the beginning of the Red Terror in China. Red Guards from Beijing No. 6 High School famously wrote “Long Live Red Terror!” on the wall with the blood of their victims.

It is easy to get bogged down in the various details of the Cultural Revolution, but it is the broader points that are most important. The Cultural Revolution was, at least ostensibly, wages against “the Five Black Categories:” landlords, rich farmers, counter-revolutionaries, bad influences, and rightists and “the Four Olds:” Old Ideas, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Customs.

Finally, it is worth noting the ferocity with which people were attacked for holding opinions that were until very recently uncontroversial. There was a massive, hysterical push to destroy symbols of Chinese history that had become unfavorable due to the current political climate. Those who were being persecuted by the government were, somewhat perversely, painted as if they were an oppressive class being uprooted by a revolutionary government that was going to equalize society by addressing historical injustices.

Sam Jacobs
May 2021
How Totalitarianism Rhymes Throughout History: Czechoslovakia, China, & Venezuela
[Does this sound familiar? Perhaps even “rhyme” with current events?

Take appropriate action.—Joe]


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  1. This has been a point of interest in our little clique for a while.
    Certain mayors and other elected officials have already made their public apologies for wrong thought and wrong speech.
    The Red Guard survived as long as it did Mao’s work for him, he had co opted the movement when he saw it was a threat to his leadership status.
    I doubt the current leaders of the Democratic party have the strength of character or guile to keep the movement under control. The end may look like the worst part of the French Revolution once it gets rolling.

  2. The events we have gone thru over the last few years and particularity the last year have revived my suppressed suspicions that norms and laws offer little protection when mass psychosis takes hold in a human or animal population. Like lemming, we too can stampede over a cliff. History is replete of both ancient and modern examples. Notable examples include Red August, Night of the Long Knives, Russia 1917, and French Revolution.

    So far, it looks like George Floyd, Antifa, and BLM will go down in history as a close call. Even so, lasting changes are still occurring in terms of anti-White, Equity, Diversity, and MMT attitudes. The odds of returning to the normal that we grew up with are slim to none,. However, the odds of becoming a third world county is high, but it will not happen overnight. As Adam Smith said: ‘There is a great deal of ruin in a nation.’

    • “However, the odds of becoming a third world country is high, but it will not happen overnight. As Adam Smith said: ‘There is a great deal of ruin in a nation.’ ”

      You overlook that we gave China most of our production/manufacturing equipment. Most of that never got replaced/upgraded. We are a Just-in-Time country now. I would expect that since we are a much more intricate system than things were in Adam Smiths days, the fall could happen much more quickly. The only question is how the loss of this huge market will impact China. Might crash their economy, too.

      • Yep, just a mere 20-30 years ago we had the go to companies in machine tools. Today, with few exceptions it is China that has the machine tools and innovation. Almost every thing I need to buy for shop tools including CNC now comes from China (except for software, although China is making a lot of progress in that area as well). We not only do not make it, we’re not even doing research to advance capabilities.

        Despite the communistic government, economically China is a power house that we can no longer compete against especially given the current administration’s value system.

        As to the timing (a fools game), I thinking that since we are China’s consumers it is not in their interest to see us collapse, so it will still take awhile as long as our currency can be exchanged for value. However, given that everybody is rushing to implement MMT and basic income, including Tacoma and King County, our collapse may come sooner.

  3. Were ripe for the repeat of all those crimes. Except the fact that were Americans, and very well armed.
    This is something the media doesn’t report on much. But the background check system has already told the tale.
    Chet’s idea of a third-world hell-hole is the most likely outcome. Much to the delight of the Chinese.
    The commie-satanist my control the government, media, and law enforcement. But their chances of being able to control the streets lessens with each passing background check. And with each lie more people are waking up.
    Another historic moment was also when Yamamoto said; I fear all we have done is waken the sleeping giant.
    I can’t figure out if were waiting for a Pinochet arise. Or just the wife’s permission? Maybe both.

    • I think that no one wants to be Lone RWNJ #1. RWNJ # 10,000,001 would seem to be much safer, and much more likely to achieve ultimate success. Or at least a lot harder to put down.

      • No, no one wants to be the first in line, but it probably won’t be a voluntary position.
        It’s what you do if it turns out you’re ‘it’, and there’s that banging at the door, that will matter.
        I like Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s idea of what to do in that circumstance.

        • It seems more like no one knows where the line is forming at this time.
          And It’s the commie/satanist turn to move. There’s a lot more Americans ready to fight back than the government can muster to enforce it’s edicts.
          One would have to be dumber than box car full of David Chipmans to want to work in government these days.
          People aren’t buying guns, tuna, and jerky because the parade is coming.
          Even if all we see are clowns everywhere.

  4. After I moved into my present home, I searched its address online and came across some activist’s compilation that places the prior owners into one of those black categories.

    I don’t recall the exact title, but was something like “People who live in the city and have received more than 1 million in farm subsidies”.

    It’s none of my business how many decades this was spread over, or how much of that may be tied to disaster relief or lost crops, or even fuel tax credits… But it painted a target on their back.

    And now it’s my back. No bloody pigs heads yet.

  5. I suspect that China is still paying a price for that fiasco of the Cultural Revolution. They threw away a generation of college level thinkers. Had a roommate back in the 80’s that had escaped from that. The Red Guard took his entire college and tossed all the students onto communes. I think they killed the teachers. For some reason, two of them got sent to a southern commune, while the rest of them got sent to ones near the Russian border. He stated that he was sure they were still there. He had quite a story of how he got to Hong Kong past the Army that blocked access in China. Might make a good movie. After a couple years, he made it to SF, were he worked in a restaurant while going to school. He became a semiconductor chip designer in Silicon Valley. That’s the kind of people that they threw away. That is the mentality that we will be dealing with here. Don’t dither too long…

    • Not just thinkers. They wrecked their own history and culture so badly, there’s a theory that one of the reasons China wants Taiwan back so badly is because Taiwan managed to salvage and rescue some of the artifacts and records that would’ve been purged in the Cultural Revolution.

      A lot of the current ‘ancient Chinese medicine’ was made up whole-cloth by Mao to fill the gaps because, surprise, they’d wrecked their prior history AND run off some of their smarter brains. Remember, this was the same ‘big brain’ who thought it was a good idea to try and purge certain animals without considering what they did in an ecology.

      • I’ve read that the Chinese that fled to Taiwan were better at war, but couldn’t match the funding of the communists by our State Dept. The leaders of that Dept never met a communist they didn’t like and/or support.

        • To be fair, they like Nazis and globalists too. And it’s not just the leaders. If anything the career people are worse.

  6. You do NOT take on the lefts cannon fodder troops face to face…they are protected by the “system”. You take on the people pulling the strings….and you do it one at at time when and where they LEAST expect it….in the middle of the night if necessary and with NO WARNING to them. And if you can’t get to the string pullers you go for their family and friends. They MUST FEEL PAIN for their ongoing criminality. Otherwise they will NEVER stop abusing us.

  7. The whole thing was detailed in “1984”, published in 1949. That was 17 years before Mao’s cultural revolution.

    The Communists have a playbook. They stick with it, because history has shown repeatedly that it works.

    • Also makes it very easy to spot. Just watch MSM repeating the same talking points and using the same buzz words. Same old communist play book. As you point out.
      Which is why people are buying guns in record numbers. And government is quickly losing creditability on a scale unseen.
      I’m of the mind that what happened with communism in other countries isn’t going to get the same results in America.
      David Chipman will make sure of that.

      • The latest I heard about Chipman was that he wasn’t at the Waco massacre. Is that confirmed? I’m guessing that there is a list compiled of all who were present, including the military types that were working the armored vehicles that were used to punch airflow holes into the structures, and flew the choppers that were used for some of the attacks?

        That, and the earlier Ruby Ridge, combined, seemed to be the actual wake-up call for the citizens to pay attention to the .gov and it’s minions.
        I suspect that history will point to that as a major factor in the arming of the general populace with semi-auto rifles and their ancillary gear and supplies, and engendered a deep distrust of the government by quite a few of those who were supporters of the gun culture. A year later, I was informed that the leaders of a national level gun match had forbade ATF agents from attending. I don’t know if that included FBI and other .gov agents.

        • They got a picture of the fag standing in the ashes of dead children with a rifle in his hand. He was at Waco.
          Let’s say you been doing pysh-ops on the Davidians by playing loud noises and flashing lights at them.
          Think they would cover the windows?
          Turn off the power. Think the people inside are going to light candles/ lanterns? Their survivalist, right?
          So you pick a nice windy day to knock airflow holes in wood buildings that you know are full of blazing lanterns?
          Your either a moron. Or your evil beyond comprehension. In Chipman’s case, he was following orders. Which makes him both.

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