In Texas:

A measure allowing Texans to carry a firearm without a license is on the brink of becoming a law after the state Senate on Monday approved the bill, sending it to Gov. Greg Abbott, who has pledged to sign the Republican-championed legislation into law.

The bill makes legal what gun rights advocates have dubbed “constitutional carry,” or permitless carry. It would allow Texans over the age of 21 to carry a firearm without first obtaining a license as long as they are not barred by state or federal law from doing so. Under current law, Texans are generally required to have a license to carry a handgun either openly or concealed.

More than a dozen other states have similar laws on the books.

It wasn’t that long ago that Texas finally stopped infringing upon the rights of people who wished to openly carry a firearm. And it was in 1995 which concealed carry was legalized (this last link has a great history of the incrementalism of concealed carry laws in the entire country).

Now Texans will soon have constitutional carry.

At least for concealed carry of firearms the pragmatic incrementalism has worked. The principled approach of all or nothing does not have appeared to significantly contributed to our nationwide success in restoring this fundamental right.


4 thoughts on “Incrementalism

  1. It’s been a long time coming and to a degree, IMO, got lucky to get through the traps and RINO’s who are so willing to compromise with the Democrats.

    By the numbers, there should be no grass roots priority that doesn’t go through the House and Senate for the Governor’s signature. In reality, every little makes it through which has been enraging the party base. If CC hadn’t passed on this session, the GOP would have had hell to pay from its own

    Jeff B.

  2. Great! Let’s hope they get that, “made in Texas”, suppressor bill passed also!
    That would truly make liberal heads go all ‘splodey.
    I think my opposition to incrementalism is that it keeps one playing defense. Blocking blows, and hoping none land. Waiting for your opposition to get tried of swinging at you.
    But then again, it appears the only civilized way of dealing with communist. After all, were not Zandspruit, South Africa,,,, yet.

    • I hadn’t heard of that bill. Just looked. It passed both TX houses and is on its way to the Governor. An interesting wrinkle is that 11 Democrats in the TX House voted in favor.

  3. What the all or nothing contingent brings to the table is the next goal.

    The reason that incrementalism leaves a lingering stench in the nostrils is for far too long once the increment was achieved, the supporters took their ball and went home and left the people wanting more to themselves to be fucked.

    FOPA is a wonderful example.

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