Quote of the day—Alan M. Gottlieb

This is a humongous loss for anti-gun Democrat State Attorneys General. They consistently attack Second Amendment rights any way they can.

This legal debacle was led by Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson who became famous for suing the Trump administration in a series of partisan legal actions that cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

SAF and Defense Distributed look forward to sharing technical firearms information with millions of interested people on the Internet.

Alan M. Gottlieb
April 29, 2021
[This is incrementalism at work for us.

The proposed new regulations on “ghost guns” (page 21) will not nullify this ruling:

…nothing in this rule would restrict persons not otherwise prohibited from possessing firearms from making their own firearms at home without markings solely for personal use (not for sale or distribution) in accordance with Federal, State, and local law.

As long as parts are available for AR-15 repairs, AR-15 lower receivers can be made to subvert bans on common sporting rifles. Thank SAF.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alan M. Gottlieb

  1. Any victory is better than a defeat but we need more victories on offense rather than defense.

  2. For us, it is definitely a win and is welcome news, but the conquest of incrementalism goes on. This weekend Mother’s Day, Charles Darwin, and Isaac Newton all are in the process of being canceled!

  3. Yes, incrementalism seems to be working. Just as hanging petty politicians who violate their oath of office would also.
    Thanks Joe, I know you and your boss donate a lot of time and money to make it it happen. I for one should be more grateful. Hopefully it can corner the bastard commie criminals. Legally.
    The problem I see is that commies don’t follow the law. And as one can see in Portland their arming up. Remember the 10,000 full-auto kits from China last year?
    Real fight’s coming. Hopefully we can win on both fronts.

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