Too much holster time

It’s been at least a couple months since I went to the range. Yesterday I remedied that. This was what my gun looked like when I pulled it out of the holster:


As I carry it every day, I knew it was going to be covered with lint.

It still functioned just fine but that was way too much holster time without being cleaned.


7 thoughts on “Too much holster time

  1. I find cleaning my firearms, even without a recent range trip, a relaxing and satisfying activity.

  2. Did you fire it in that condition? Did it function OK? How much grunge does it take to introduce a significant risk of FTF due to excessive foreign material?

    Edit: I guess I missed the last 2 lines at the end.

  3. Blow the dust off, for real. I found that CCI #34 primers will seat well enough in Starline 10mm brass, and give +40 FPS in moderate loads of HP-38. Don’t know if you’re using small or large primer .40.

  4. I take my gun out of the holster nightly and inspect. This is inexcusable for a carry gun and you are not taking carry seriously.

    The good news is the gun worked anyway. I am curious about how much lube was left on it after all that time. Do you use grease and whic brand? If not, which liquid lubricant?

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