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There really are limits to how much governments can spend without inflicting pain on the people suffering under their mismanagement. Not that the people elected to Congress and the White House have shown any signs of comprehension or concern.

Given that these are people capable of running for public office without feeling any apparent sense of shame, is it possible that they’re just too stupid to understand our reports? you can imagine CBO economists asking one another as they tossed around the idea for the recent infographic. Does anybody have any crayons?

J.D. Tuccille
May 5, 2021
Looming Budget Catastrophe in Pictures So Simple Even Congress Can Understand
[There is at least one other alternative not mentioned in the article or by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). That alternative is that the economic destruction of our country is intentional.—Joe]


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  1. No body listens to the CBO unless they already agree. And since the Powers that Be have already decided that MMT is policy this report will be ignored. They have no other ‘pain free’ course of action.

    Personally, I think that we are going to see stagflation (inflation is already here) with shortages of everything. It is a great time to prep and become more self sufficient.

    • Prep nothing, guy. Plan on making yourself and your boys autarkic. Try to get to the point you don’t have to deal in the empires money at all. Having six months of dry goods is all well and good, but what is that going to mean when the enemy just keeps conditions just above starvation for several years for us goyim? We’re still in the good times as far as I can tell, so start getting ready.

  2. The problem I see is that we don’t think in evil enough terms. There’s a ton of fun and profit to be made from destruction. Intentional? Ascribing it to something else would be the real stupid in the room. And make one suspect of being part of the conspiracy.
    What’s being done to the economy is either; criminal intent, or criminal negligence.
    Both are willful acts.
    Both should carry the death penalty.

  3. Looking at the situation as a court case, as at some point it may actually be, with government decision-makers being on trial, we can make the following conclusion;

    Declaring them to be incompetent or stupid is to grant to them their best defense.

    Acting stupid would then be in their best interest too, no? If it’s determined that they’ve known what they’re doing then their guilt is firmly established. We know the destruction they’re causing, so it becomes a matter of intent, of malice aforethought verses well-intentioned ignorance. Actually recruiting stupid people to go along with them would be another obvious tactic— If you’re in the business of doing great evil, and you need the willing participation of many, then it would be important to keep your help as clueless as possible regarding your end goals.

    And if the economic destruction of our country is indeed intentional, then several obvious questions arise;

    Who is behind it?
    Who else around the world is participating?
    How have all the above been gathered into the conspiracy (for surely we would have to call it a conspiracy)?
    How is it being accomplished?
    How long has the plan, such as it is, been in place?
    What is their next step?
    What is the end goal?

    And several other questions besides, the last of course being;

    What should be our response? And lastly;
    Is there a solution?

    We can’t begin to answer those last questions before answering many of the first questions.

    If we start with the (unsupported) conclusion that they’re all ignorant dolts, then our only response will be to try to educating them, or replacing them with more knowledgeable representatives.

    But if those at the upper levels of their leadership hierarchy actually know well what they’re doing, and if they’re good at it, and if they control the pertinent nominating and appointing processes, then we are the ignorant dolts, and we’re looking for solutions in all the wrong places. If they know what they’re doing, then deception is always a top priority, and of course to do that they’d need a large and dedicated network of support in media, sports, entertainment, industry, finance and education, and if we think they, who have already built such a network at our expense, are idiots, then we are the ones in need of remedial education.

    And if we can’t be fully deceived then at least we can be intimidated.

    You can’t come out and suggest it because you’re a dedicated secularist, but the Bible refers to what we are looking at here as Babylon. In Daniel it’s described as a statue, of a great king, supported at the base by the fractured remnants of Rome (the feet and toes of iron and miry clay [reinforced concrete?] which represents our current world system). That base in turn upholds and supports the power of ancient, pagan Rome (the legs of iron), which uphold and support the power and philosophy of Ancient Greece (bronze), which in turn upholds the power and doctrines (god-king worship, for one) of Medo-Persia, and at the top of it all, held up as the golden head of the statue, is the power, splendor, arrogance, opulence and false doctrine of Ancient Babylon. All of those are apostate powers, all demanding the worship of false gods and denying freedom of conscience.

    Elsewhere in the Bible it’s described as a conglomerate beast, with the various parts of the beast representing those same powers as the statue in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream mentioned in Daniel. Riding atop that beast is the whore of Babylon, and in her hand is the cup of the wine (doctrine) of the wrath of her fornication (apostasy).

    There was a time, not long ago, when the entire Protestant world could easily and immediately recognize all these elements in society, and point to the one Solution. THAT was the time of the rise of what we now call Western, Judaeo-Christian Civilization. But alas, “political correctness”, that desire for acceptance into the world (to avoid the stick and gain the carrot), has corrupted the Protestants, making them forget their first love, and they’re now practically as clueless as most everyone else. Even now the Protestant world is in the process of, officially (by signed agreement), slouching back, or even running enthusiastically, to Rome. The whore is in control.

    Welcome to the dawn of the New Dark Ages.

    Best you get started investigating these things. They were foretold long ago, in brilliant detail. And make no mistake about it— What we’re facing is that conglomerate system, or beast, of false doctrines, which is a church/state system. The first amendment then must be essentially negated, but that’s no problem for the beast— It’s already happening.

    • I could tell you who is responsible, but that would be antisemitic. You might take a gander at who ran the gulags Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn suffered in. Might notice some remarkable links with the money and power elite in this country.

  4. Mao starved 40 million people to death due to communism sucking. The Democrats will starve 300 million people to death on purpose. And socialism.

    It IS intentional. And they WILL succeed. There is only one ultimate goal. The INTENTIONAL DELIBERATE PERMANENT complete and total ruination and destruction of the United States on every level. Something so bad it can never be recovered from. Along with the destruction of the population via the starvation of the population and mandated extermination of every single solitary United States citizen that opposes them. And that also includes the deployment of nuclear weapons. Never forget that these are Democrats and to them deploying the full nuclear arsenal to literally kill all human life in the United States is BETTER than them losing and the Democrats RIGHT NOW desire the literal complete and total extermination of every Trump voter, Republican, gun owner, conservative, straight white male along with with every single solitary United States citizen that opppses any of that up to and including every single solitary United States citizen.

    The party ruining the country hates it and wants to kill everyone in it not illegal.

  5. This answers to this would run the gamut…..some, perhaps most of the people infesting public office and the federal bureaucracy ARE so stupid that they believe that an ENDLESS source of dollars exists and that they and their jobs exist solely to SPEND those dollars. A significant portion however DO understand that there are limits….they simply DO NOT CARE. And there might be a small handful who understand AND who seek to limit government spending……aw hell, who am I kidding….there are NO ‘fiscal conservatives’ in government. Anyone not FULLY onboard with unlimited spending is rapidly run out of office.

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