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I was in Pullman on business this weekend and I made it my goal to find all the old caches in the area. I wasn’t planning on going for any caches today but when I realized I still had 2 hours of sunlight left in the day I made a run for this cache, and I was not prepared. I had only 1 primitive map downloaded, and no nearby caches.

But I insisted anyway, and I made it to the area just in time. When I turned down the paved road I discovered that there was event today, and I could practically drive straight up to GZ. But what’s with all these signs that say Boomershooot, and this line of gun stands? And what looks like a firing line. Turns out they were in the middle of a firearms and explosives event and the cache was downrange.

Luckily they were just all camping, drinking beer, and telling questionable stories about Seattle life.

I found the cache easily, and signed the log just as the sun was setting.

Thank you Joe Huffman for the cache!

May 1, 2021
Via email from geocaching.com.
[I try to make my Geocaches a little more interesting than most.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—PeacefulMountain

  1. Is the cache actually in the line of fire? If so, no wonder the guy freaked! I was still nervous being downrange for the High Intensity and private fireballs seeing the line behind me even knowing any RSO would have made local entertainment of anyone approaching a bench.

    At least he would have been waived off during active shooting rather than a call of “Range him. Send it!”.

    The only thing that would make the cache perfect is if it was at the bottom of a former crater from a previous fireball. I think at this point that field should have a map with cataloged craters like the Moon. “This is 1997-1, just a catalog number”, “That is 2017 Sans Eyebrows”, “2019 Brown Waders Crater” and so on.

    • You can’t quite see it from the firing line because it is over the hill from the line. But it is between some targets and some shooters.

      • That’s awesome! As I said, no wonder the guy freaked!

        I would offer him a free day at Field Fire next year. I’ll donate the rifle and ammunition and let him do a different form of geocaching on steel and let him imagine rounds where the cache is. Give him a proper introduction to the site and give him a story he’d never forget.

  2. If there was, in fact, beer-drinking going on, then he was perfectly safe to go downrange, because at least some of Joe’s Range Nazis would have been there to put a boot down on anything sus.

    [Read following in up-speak tone and add “like” wherever you wish]

    But the “questionable” stories about Seattle life are acktually their Lived Experience, so his characterization is super problematic and offensive and I’m triggered.

    • I’m trying to imagine a sheltered urban Seattlite showing up at the Boomershoot site seeking a cache and seeing that line. Even after the main even and everyone relaxing, packing up and enjoying the evening.

      That would be a culturally jarring experience and I’d be grinning with the shooters in my chair watching the hamsters turn in his head trying to absorb and figure out if he fell through a portal into an alternate universe.

      I’ve seen that look on the faces of people when I tell them what I go and do in Idaho every few years. It’s worth it.

      Kudos to him for not running at the sight of the line, even quiet and safe. A lot of folks would not absorb that sight in a positive way. It does sound like our intrepid explorer got a good story out of it.

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