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In my mind, I’ve been replacing any RWNJ reference to guns with “penises” – it makes for some fun and revelatory imagery, and it deflates their power in the same way that imagining ones opponents in the underwear does. Try it, it could be key in battling these cretins.

Katbuns @katbuns
Tweeted on April 24, 2021
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Ahh.. yes. The facts and the law mean nothing nothing to these people and we are the cretins. Funny!

Via a tweet from In Chains @InChainsInJail.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Katbuns @katbuns

  1. “Could be key to battling these cretins”. And if I ever end up in a fight with communist, that’s exactly the kind of weapon I hope my enemy has. Their imagination.
    Oh, don’t worry about the gun. Just imagine him in his underwear, with a small penis, Comrade!

  2. As usual, it’s interesting how fixated these people are on sexual organs – especially small ones. Considering that they are also usually demo-commiecrats I’m thinking we’re seeing closet pedophiles coming out.

    • Sexual deviancy / sexual fixation is a common feature of the Romish (authoritarian / fascist) left, and it has been throughout all of history. It often even has a religious component to it. Their ancient temples often featured whore priests, performing sexual rituals and even child sacrifice, and some ancient ruins can still be found today with the most graphic sex scenes imaginable (and some, perhaps, that you can’t imagine), engraved in stone. Such is modern Babylon, with a few twists. And so yes; it’s part and parcel to the ideology. You should expect it, and thus never be surprised by the depths to which it can, and will, descend.

  3. Someone using Markley arguments says nothing about gun owners, since they provide no evidence of their claims, but it says quite a bit about those using these arguments. If it is a male making the claims, it tells me that he has nothing other than his alleged dick size to be proud of, or even to sell himself to women with. (You notice that they never say guns compensate for lack of technical competence). If it’s a female, it tells me she is probably a very boring date, with little interest in anything in a man other than getting her rocks off. (Imagine trying to take Katbuns to a drive-in).

  4. Perhaps leftism could be treated with electroconvulsive therapy, followed by re-orientation during the recovery period. But ethically, it would have to be voluntary, and leftists don’t think they need to be fixed. We can’t just snag people off the streets of #bluecity and zap them. Can we?

  5. Fine, I’m comfortable saying that I want a smaller, lighter penis that I can carry anywhere without needing government permission or paying a $200 tax to own.

    Concealed, of course.

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