Quote of the day—Mike Thompson

This bill is a critical step toward preventing gun violence and saving lives.

Mike Thompson
U.S. Representative (D-California)
March 11, 2021
House Approves Measures to Expand Firearm Background Checks
[I’m tempted to say this is an outright lie and the Thompson knows better. Surely he knows the history of his own state and background checks which were found to have no effect on death by gunshot.

But it’s also possible to parse his words carefully and claim he is only being deceptive rather than a bald-face liar.

He could be aware and planning to take advantage of the only “accomplishment” of universal background checks for the transfer of firearms, gun registration, followed by confiscation. Then with far fewer guns in the general population there will probably be fewer people suffering gunshot wounds.

This wouldn’t mean the general population would be safer. It just means the mechanism by which they are injured by common criminals would change. Instead of bullet wounds it would be knives, blunt instruments, fists, and feet which dominate the injuries.

The total number of dead would likely would increase as well, but the lives saved would be those of the criminal class. And this criminal class would include the genocidal politicians as well as the common street thugs.

So, Representative Thompson, which is it? Are you a bald-faced liar, or you on the side of the criminals?

My vote is for both and I hope he has the opportunity to enjoy his trial.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mike Thompson

  1. Does it matter? Criminal intent, or criminal negligence?
    And if you and I aren’t allowed to claim ignorance of the law as a defense.
    How much less those elected, (if we have such a thing as elections anymore?), and paid to write law?
    At this point I think congress has taken SCOTUS’s position in that; The law is, and more over justice is, whatever we say.

  2. The Dems turned down an amendment to notify ICE when an unlawful immigrant tries to buy a firearm.

    • Now that makes sense, for their point of view. Have to make sure criminals can continue to get weapons.

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