10 thoughts on “Idaho is number 2

  1. Curious that NH only rates #17. It has Constitutional Carry, open carry, no licensing of any kind, and pre-emption. Oh yes, and gun manufacturers. So what’s missing?

  2. We used to be free in WA. Till the minion techies came in and elected all the dems, and the techie billionaires decided to do some social engineering with unstoppable amounts of money fueling deceptive initiatives.
    Initiatives were thought to be a way for the common folk to get some needed law through, in spite of the legislature. Now they are a tool for a few billionaires, to push through unpopular measures.
    Now we are California. Without the beaches and the surfer girls.
    We have probably not had an honest election in this state since Gregoire stole the 2004 governership from Rossi. Next year mail in voting and a steady stream of Dems.

  3. SD is ranked 29th, not even cracking the top half???? We have all the things that count as good. I’m calling sheer laziness on the “rankings.”

  4. When I lived there, WA was not nearly as bad as it is now.

    It is still nowhere near at bad as Illinois, which is where I am constantly under threat of having to move to.

    CA, NY, NJ, are far worse than IL.

  5. NV was saved from an EBR ban only because the Teamsters were afraid the Shot Show (for which they have the setup contract) would leave and got the Gov to veto it. I really don’t like having to depend on the Teamsters. Of course, no 2021 Shot Show anyway so we will see what happens in this years session.

  6. I crossed the border a year ago on the 28th.
    My final straw was the permit and background check for ammo purchases. I have a .280 Remington and couldn’t find non lead ammo and my hunting buddy failed the background at point of purchase. I refused to order ammo online and have it shipped to a dealer so I could ONLY then proceed with the check.
    The clerk said not to worry, a lot of people failed the checks. Eventually the system would work itself out. WTF?

    And the horse California rode in on……..

    I miss it not.

    • We left about a decade ago.

      Best. Decision. Ever. And we’ve only gotten more glad of doing so in the intervening time.

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