Quote of the day—Frank Miniter

Even Biden likely doesn’t know what he meant by saying he got “the number of clips in a gun banned.” And he likely also doesn’t know what he meant by saying only a person’s “biometric measure” should “pull that trigger.” We can, however, safely guess what he meant by calling gun manufacturers the “enemy,”

Frank Miniter
February 25, 2021
Editor in Chief, America’s 1st Freedom, NRA
All the President’s Anti-Gun Officials

Imagine if a sitting president were to call the press “the enemy” or something similar.

Oh, we don’t need to imagine that. When President Trump took on fake news for lying they called it, “A threat to democracy.”

I think we should start calling attacks on the right to keep and bear arms, “A threat to democracy.” After all if you are unable to defend yourself should you be attacked for your beliefs, such as you believing your store shouldn’t be looted or burned and you advocate for politicians who would protect your life and property from such thugs, isn’t the right to keep and bear arms supporting democracy?—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Frank Miniter

  1. Ya, the only thing that isn’t fake, are the lies? And at this stage in senility. Poor Joe-Xi wouldn’t know crap from apple butter.
    Those things are going to work about as well as Tesla’s, windmills, and ED 209’s.What was that saying. Truth is stranger than fiction?

  2. Actually banning guns supports democracy. Since democracy is now defined as equalizing wealth between those that earn it and those that simply take it, gun-owning shopkeepers, homeowners, etc. pose an “existential threat” in current vernacular to the oppressed who are entitled to enrich their lives with your stuff.

  3. The right of the People to keep and bear Arms, is the most egalitarian power-sharing arrangement in the history of mankind. What could be more democratic than that?

    And what does that say about so-called “Democrats” who want so badly to strip that right away?

  4. I thought it was liberty we were trying to preserve. Democracy is a questionable system for doing so.

    • Agreed. But making that claim doesn’t crowd out the opponents of liberty from the political space they occupy.

  5. Which other article in the Bill of Rights has an entire federal government department dedicated to restricting it, as the Second Amendment has the BATFE?

    • Indeed. BATFE should be renamed to simply the Bureau of Firearms and Explosives, since these days alcohol and tobacco are handled more by the FDA than BATFE.

      So they really are an agency with no other real duties other than finding creative ways within the law to restrict the Second Amendment.

      Then again, that would give them a three-letter acronym, just like the “real” agencies have. I like them better as the five-lettered illegitimate step-child of the executive branch. 😉

  6. Slow Joe is the quintessential ‘Useful idiot’. He’s so far down the road to dementia he’s doing well to get his socks to match and remember to unzip his fly when he takes a piss. He’s useful because he’s just coherent enough to sign whatever
    his handlers put in front of him. He doesn’t know….or care….what the paper says.

    As long as he can be used thusly he will remain the Puppet In Chief. When he ceases to be useful the plans already in place to remove and replace him will
    be implemented. The left likely plans to do as much damage to our freedom as possible while he is ostensibly “the President” so that history will label HIM as the evil demon responsible for our downfall. He’s the designated scapegoat and will remain that till he is no longer capable of serving their needs. Paying attention to him and his clownish antics is exactly what the power mongers want. Keep all eyes on Slow Joe and ignore the REAL evil people moving in the shadows.

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