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Woke corporations in America today think they can fire employees for their politics without legal liability. They’re mistaken.

It’s well established that an employer violates Title VII if it fires an employee because of his religious beliefs. But was Ms. Carano expressing religious beliefs through her social media post? Very unlikely. Nor was Mr. McNeil when he uttered the racial slur, nor was Mr. Cafferty, who said nothing at all. But that’s not the end of the matter.

Often forgotten is that Title VII protects not only religious employees from being fired for their beliefs, but equally protects nonreligious employees from being fired for refusing to endorse an employer-mandated religion. “What matters in this context is not so much what [the employee’s] own religious beliefs were,” the Seventh Circuit federal court of appeals said in the 1997 Venters v. City of Delphi. What matters is whether the employee was “fired because he did not share or follow his employer’s religious beliefs.”

The real question, then, is whether wokeness in America today qualifies as a religion under Title VII. If it does, Ms. Carano has a straightforward claim of religious discrimination—she was fired for refusing to follow an employer-mandated religion.

Surprising as it may seem, the answer to that legal question is almost certainly yes.

Vivek Ramaswamy
March 4, 2021
Save America’s Workers from the Church of Wokeness
[Via a text message from daughter Jaime.

He goes on to make the case, from numerous court cases, that wokeness meets the legal definition of a religion.

Assuming he is correct, the question then becomes whether the EEOC and/or the courts are willing to stand up to the woke, religious, thugs.

I don’t give that question very high odds of being answered in the affirmative.—Joe]


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  1. We all know that the wokeness only works one way in favor of the woke. The un-woke are like the savages that must be saved and have no rights. If they don’t convert than they must be un-person’s. We are not at the point where they get exterminated by being used as slave labor yet. You just know though that there’s a group of the woke that are going to sleep at night and dreaming of that day.
    I will continue to believe though that it’s not going to end like they think it will. Just saying.

    • It doesn’t seem to me to even work for wokeness. In the long run anyway. As who will be left to fix the sewers?
      But that seems to be the feature, not the bug. At least if your Chinaman named Xi.
      They know very well. As the cultural revolution in China killed off almost everyone that knew how to make steel. And if not for Nixon and America, China would be a worthless mess to this day. As it is their just a powerful worthless mess.
      Wokeness is like an f-16 afterburner. Hot and fast, loud and scary, but not enough fuel to go for very long.

  2. Religion of Domination. Wokeness be. But as you said Joe. That’s a hard sale. And if it lands in front of a woke judge? For-get-a-bout-it.
    She needs better lawyers if that’s their train of thought.

  3. I like the theory, and I think it has good odds of being ultimately successful However, I don’t want to be the one who has to litigate it through.

  4. The dilemma today for us is that everything is being judged through the lens of Wokeism.

    CNN is running an article on Drained Pool Politics which they expect to take its place along with White Privilege and other classics. [I call BS – I expect Wokeism to breed new levels of resentment like happen in the South in the aftermath of the Civil War.]

    Some quotes:

    “If you want to know why the US has one of the most inefficient health care systems among advanced nations, some of the worst infrastructure and a dysfunctional political system, blame drained-pool politics.”

    “The research shows that diversity allows groups to think better about critical problems. It is the friction of coming from different backgrounds and looking at issues from different vantage points that creates a productive energy, and we are one of the most diverse nations.”

    “The Fairground Park pool in St. Louis was the largest public pool in the US when it was built in 1919. It featured sand from a beach, a fancy diving board and enough room for up to 10,000 swimmers. It was dug during a pool-building boom when cities and towns competed to provide their citizens with public amenities that promoted civic pride and symbolized a perk of the American dream.
    These public pools, of course, were for Whites only. But when civil rights leaders successfully pushed for them to be integrated, many cities either sold the pools to private entities or, in the case of Fairground Park, eventually drained them and closed them down for good.”

    • “Research shows that diversity allows groups to think better about critical problems”
      And then they turn around and do everything they can, including outright lies to EXCLUDE anyone that doesn’t agree with their bigoted view point? Got to be inbreeding make people think like that!
      That’s why I love this place. People like Chet and Joe go read all the crap for you. Then bring back the highlight. Thanks Guys! Your lifesavers!

    • More CNN Wokeism:

      “The encounter with the security guard Gorman describes is reminiscent of police violence and aggression against Black Americans, whose deaths have sparked national movements, including #BlackLivesMatter.”

      “Black men are approximately 2.5 times more likely to die at the hands of police over a lifetime as compared to White men, according to research by the National Academy of Sciences.”

      [Of course, they left out the fact that some groups are less willing to be law-abiding – which, they say, is also due to racial injustice. ]

      • Indeed. The correct statement is that black criminals are somewhat less likely to die at the hands of police than white criminals.

  5. As to the question will the courts stand up to the religious thugs? The answer is NO.

    During the 30s there was plenty of warning of what was to happen and opportunities for the legal systems to step up. The same is true for other mass mania events from the Salem Witch Trials to the Russian Revolution.

    Instead of stepping up to uphold the laws of the land, the legal systems tend to morph into instruments for the religious thugs. After all, legal systems are an instrument of the state and it is the religious thugs that gain control of the state.

    Mass mania is not an event that can easily be resisted. It is much more like an avalanche or tidal wave. Manias, like the conquest of ME and NA by Muhammad and his followers, still lives on. And least I leave the followers of Christ out, they too had their periods of mania including the Inquisition along with the conquest of many tribes. It’s also like the Saxon invasion of England and as a result, we are now Anglo-Saxons.

    There is no turning back. Our best hope is to influence the direction of the transformation taking place, but unless our influence is accepted by the religious thugs, it will gain little traction. We need “real” leverage over the thugs and that we do not have. We need the ability to deny them the things that they need or want. Our objections and arguments today are just more reasons for the thugs to press on. In fact, they are confessions admitting that we were wrong in their eyes.

    It is sobering to realize we still feel the effects of historical mass mainias even after hundreds and thousands of years.

  6. The outcome of ANY lawsuits filed under such circumstances turn far more on the agenda and politics of the judge than upon the law itself. And we’ve seen lately just how agenda driven the vast majority of judges are. The American Judiciary…especially at the Federal level is now nothing more than a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Communist Party.

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