Quote of the day—Pam Keith, Esq. @PamKeithFL

One of Biden’s first Executive Orders should be to prohibit the airing of FoxNews, Newsmax or OANN in any federally owned property or any military unit or installation, and to remove it from any cable plans that are offered in government owned business or housing complexes.

Pam Keith, Esq. @PamKeithFL
Tweeted on January 19, 2021
[This is not some random deranged person. From her Twitter profile:

DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE FL 18th Cong. District, former US Navy JAG, litigator & expert on workplace law. BC Law School Grad.

This is a lawyer and Democrat nominee for congress openly advocating that the U.S. government suppress opposing political opinion.—Joe]


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Pam Keith, Esq. @PamKeithFL

  1. she’s former jag. that’s about as far from being in the military as can be while still having a uniform.

    • So we have a person who claims to be a former REMF, and if so is clearly a perjured traitor. Why exactly do we not treat him/her/it as the dog turd it clearly is?

    • Yeah but if listen to the combat troops in the sandbox, it is the JAG people that determine the rules of engagement on the ground.

  2. Didn’t something similar happened with the Rush Limbaugh show during the Clinton years and it eventually got slapped down?

  3. So much for us all coming together and having a logical discussion about the direction of the country.
    Some will say: elections have consequences. I’m thinking the commies aren’t going to like them much either?
    It would probably go over her hardhat.(Kind of like the 1A seems to have?) I’m wondering if anyone ever asked her how she likes being sacrificed for Chinese hegemony?

    • You’d think so, assuming that claim is true, which it may not be.

      But then again, I’ve seen too many campaign ads from now freshman Representative Jake Auchincloss (“D”-MA) to know that people who apparently did serve in the military and managed to avoid a BCD can nevertheless be communist fanatics who hate the Constitution — and get elected anyway.

    • John, your forget that one gives up a lot of rights when entering the military. To a large extent, the military converts rights into negatives. Just as the BoR is mostly a list of restrictions on the government, the military treats personnel similarly.

      It would appear that the longer you serve, the greater distance you worked from the tip of the spear, and the higher rank you achieve, the less likely you are to support liberty. Venn diagram for this area most likely. Serving in the military, just like being a cop, is a corrosive atmosphere. Long term is not mentally healthy, generally speaking. That it is a voluntary association now, adds a factor.

  4. The only solution to people like this existing and wielding the power of office is a long drop on a short rope.

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