Conspiracy hypothesizes

A couple of things for people who like to think about political conspiracies.

This first one is via Brother Doug:

If the Dominion election voting systems really can be controlled to produce a desired result then could the controllers of those systems have used them in the 2016 presidential primary? Donald Trump was largely considered a joke. And he didn’t even participate in one of the debates.

Could it have been that the conspirators in control of the voting machines decided Trump was the most easily defeated candidate and rigged the primary voting to get Hillary an easy win?

When the November election was looking like a 90% probability for a Clinton win the conspirators didn’t bother to risk tweaking the results.

By 2020 the same conspirators knew better than to leave it to an honest vote and disposed of President Trump by flipping the cheat switch on the voting machines.

Number two is something I thought up a couple days ago:

Could it be that the whole QAnon thing was actually a ruse by Democrats to make the political right look foolish? An additional benefit would be to lull many on the political right into a false sense of security that things were going to turn out in their favor in a glorious manner. This would leave them far less motivated to get out the vote, donate money, and be prepared for a takeover by the political left.

Discuss and enjoy.


23 thoughts on “Conspiracy hypothesizes

  1. “Could it be that the whole QAnon thing was actually a ruse by Democrats to make the political right look foolish?”

    No – Hanlon’s Razor, FTW…

    The Real Kurt

    • In the 1920’s, there was an organization of anti-soviets in Paris that acted as a “clearing house” and a bank, of sorts, for people who were willing to put their lives on the line by sneaking into the Soviet Union to support the anti-revolutionaries.
      Unbeknownst to all those people, including Sidney Reilly, the organization, called “The Trust” was a false-flag operation created, staffed, and funded by Felix Dzherzinsky’s Cheka.
      I looked up “Hanlon’s Razor”. It’s a concise way of saying, “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”.
      In Ian Fleming’s “Goldfinger”, Auric Goldfinger said, “Mr Bond, they have a saying in Chicago: ‘Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action’.”
      I suppose we could call that the “Chicago Law” to go with “Godwin’s Law”, “Markley’s Law”, “Occam’s Razor”, and “Hanlon’s Razor”, although we’d have to number it to distinguish between, what Malone said in “The Untouchables”; “They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. *That’s* the *Chicago* way!”

  2. Trump won because the left were SURE that he had NO CHANCE and so they didn’t bother to fully implement the “cheating mechanism”. By the time they noticed Cankles was losing it was TOO LATE. Another factor that didn’t exist in 2016 was the insanity of “mail in voting”. That criminal act allowed the left to LITERALLY manufacture and deliver AS MANY BALLOTS AS THEY NEEDED to insure Trump lost.

    As for QAnon….it was almost certainly a demonrat left red herring modeled on a similar effort by the commies in Russia after they took power to prevent anyone from successfully countering the revolution. The QAnon bullshit and the “trust the plan” narrative was pushed hard BY THE LEFT with the intent of keeping HONEST AMERICANS sitting on the sidelines INSTEAD OF ACTING while the left cemented the steal.

    The left are EVIL….not stupid. Everything they have done has been according to plans. Plans they have been working diligently on for DECADES.

    • I would respectfully disagree with respect to it being a leftist psy-op. It opened a LOT of eyes to the fraud and corruption, which works far better if it’s hidden. They would not expose their operation like that, even if they thought they had total control of the levers of power, because such knowledge is one of the few things that would unite a significant majority of people against the powers that be to the point needed to remove them from power permanently.

      • When you OWN the media whores, academia and the judiciary you are a LOT less concerned with the truth coming out.

      • Qanon worked because it was a limited hangout wrapped up in cryptic bullshit.

    • Or maybe there was enough Democrat infighting. Such as, the Obama camp thought it could edge out the Clintons & consolidate power in the DNC. Allow Trump to destroy the country (or work hard behind the scenes to sow chaos and blame DJT), then come riding in on a white horse with their own people. They probably didn’t count on large numbers of people preferring Trump to their brand until sometime in the last 4 years, so they enlisted Big Tech.

  3. #2 – nope. Exposing the fraud is not worth the cost.
    #1 – quite possible. Variation of that is that they did have control, but the white-hat hackers took control just long enough to un-fuck the results and it would show something close to a real total. The reason that Clinton didn’t challenge the results is that she KNEW her team had screwed with the count hugely, and any real forensic audit would expose HER people’s compromise of the voting systems and she’d be doubly screwed. I’d say it’s more than likely the NSA+milInt saw Trump as someone they could work with as the point man for their counter-attack against the Deep State and foreign influence. I’m expecting the hammer-fall in the counter-attack to be lethal: there are more than 200k sealed federal indictments. A lot of bodies are going to be removed from politics. The only real questions are precise timing and final remedy (revote or reveal last November’s actual totals and use them).

    The one kind of funny site thought is: remember how often Trump has joked about serving another 8 years? Yeah, wellllll… would he retaking office now under military appointment count toward the 22 Amendment limit? Uncharted waters, baby. Think that idea would make some liberal totally lose their shit? It would also give time to create a totally new party of some sort.

    • All those “sealed indictments” are nothing but high priced toilet paper. If ANYONE was going to get perp walked from them it would have already happened. NOT GOING TO. The left OWNS the judiciary. They proved that completely when numerous black robed pirates INCLUDING the SCOTUS turned a blind eye to the mountains of evidence proving election fraud. NOBODY on the left is going to jail….EVER. They are in the cat bird seat and they will NEVER let us vote them out. The only way they are leaving power is feet first and at room temperature.

  4. Imo…aint worth zero.
    I think the qnon deal was/IS a Commie Creation.

    And lulling the right, well History says it all

  5. 1) Trump won because the Anybody but Hillary group was quite large, much larger than the pundits thought possible. See the I Hate Trump numbers.
    2) Idiots are randomly distributed through out the planet. They are negatively charged and can be attracted to any polarizing cause. Idiots come in all shapes, sizes, political views, races and religion. In better times they were ignored and maybe even chastised. Now they are featured in 8 second television sound bites or Twitter posts.

  6. Most of y’all’s theorizing is done from inside the parameters of the dialectic. It assumes that the two parties really are enemies, at the fundamental level. In fact they’re putting on a show, like two professional WWE wrestlers.

    Now some, and I hope most, of us can look at a WWE match and understand that’s its pure theatre. We might see those who get wrapped up in watching the staged contests as being rather silly. The same goes for football, as we see people picking teams and diligently watching every game their team’s involved in, even keeping stats all season, being able to name most of the players on most of the teams, etc.

    And the fact is; all of it is for naught. If you didn’t watch football or wrestling, you’d never know, or in any way be affected by, the outcomes of games or matches, or by who won the Super Bowl.

    Furthermore it doesn’t matter whether the individual matches are rigged or not. The players could be very genuinely trying to win, but it doesn’t matter to the league who wins, so long as the game continues and so long as it has a maximum number of people watching (so long as it has the required psychological effect on you). The profit is just icing on the cake.

    And haven’t we been off of the gold standard since 1933?

    Go ahead if you can’t pull your eyes away– Grab your beer and chips and watch the spectacle. Get really emotionally invested in it. The more you’re captivated by the distraction, the less you’ll be able to discern the global system that’s putting on the show.

    I could ask you a hundred times over 20 years (and I have) why things keep moving in the same direction no matter which party is in control, and still you’ll never come up with the answer. You’ll just keep cheering for your favorite wrestler of the day, “‘Cause look at him! He’s awesome! And look at those evil Democrats!”

    Understand that in politics, “fighting” the “left” now only means four things. It means,

    1. Giving money to Republicans
    2. Speaking words, and/or holding signs
    3. Staying emotionally captivated and,
    4. Nothing else whatsoever

    And so it’s a spiral;

    Democrats bad
    Give Republicans money
    Democrats worse
    Give Republicans more money
    Democrats Horrible!
    Say some harsh words
    Give money to Republicans
    Repeat all the above…

    And you see where the Republicans’ money comes from in this formula? It comes from Democrats being bad and getting worse.

    Keep your eyes on the game and keep cheering, and they’ll own every cell in your body, your land and buildings, and every material possession you and your grandchildren own or will ever own. Worse, they’ll own your soul too because you’re fixated on their game.

    • And the Dems do the same thing, natch.
      A bipartisan kefabe of the Curley Effect

      Yes. That’s been going on a while. But consider this: the military has contingency plans for everything up to an including an invasion by actual space-aliens. Do you think that they don’t have plans to deal with an event of a hostile takeover of our government via subversion, infiltration, kompromat, and election fraud? And, given that they most likely do, is it likely that they are either implementing it now, or does Trump & Q-co have something even better up their sleeves?

      Now, I have no personal inside information on anything. I’m just some guy at a keyboard and screen. But you ask enough questions, and try to noodle through the possible implications and possibilities, and (to mix my metaphors) … while I don’t know the precise course the ship is charting or what rocks they are steering around, the captain looks relaxed and and confident, and I don’t hear any fat lady singing in the background. Will the military move first? dunno. Will there actually be a Senate impeachment trial? Dunno. Will some really damning info come out at said trial if it happens? More than likely. Will it be something else entirely? Very possible. Space Aliens involved? (shrug) Would make for a riveting plot line, for certain.

      Relax and watch the show. 🙂

  7. I think mama Gump would say. Evil is, as evil does.
    And Jesus, you will know them by their fruit.
    I don’t see anything off the table as far as government goes. They just pulled off the largest theft in world history using the two of the dumbest communist they could find. With the most in your face circumstances they could manufacture. However wild your imagination. It won’t be able to keep up.
    As for Trump. He had 4 years to arrest and prosecute these people. Why would we want him back?
    Did he do some good? Sure. But he mostly gave lip service to the restoration of, and securing of our rights. Which restored would have gone a long ways toward curing the other problems society has.
    And by refusing to enforce the rule of law he has failed.
    As for 200K sealed indictments? See that smoke behind the justice building? Who wants S’mores?
    Sorry, the infrastructure it takes to build those indictments telegraphs your moves to all the wrong people. It’s a tactic doomed to failure.
    Was Trump in on it all? Who cares. Welcome to the great reset/world order!
    With senile Joe XI-den and Hoe duc Harris in charge of nuke-subs!

  8. False flags are really quite common. Most are not kinetic but some are like the opening moves in WWII. Most of them are LE initiated (known as stings) or intelligence exploits. Soviets did a lot of intelligence exploits as did the Brits. Most famous is The Man Who Never Was but they tried about 20 times to get Michael Collins with one. Less common is propaganda exploits. Most notorious is the Protocols of the the Elders of Zion. I would put Q in this last category. Q isn’t insurrectionist but a dues ex machina whereby some entity , Durham or the military or someone intervenes and saves us without any effort on our part. Thus it inhibits effort. I think not the Democrats per se but rather the Organs of State Security (sometimes hard to tell the difference). Motive is to facilitate the coverup of the coup back in 2017-18.

  9. My view is that in 2016 they listened to the polls and their own close friends and was convinced Clinton was a winner. Who would you vote for our first woman president or that scumbag Trump? Mmmm. Let me get back to you on that.
    They cheated at their usual places because that is what they do. Trump was a big shock.

    This time they thought they were being clever. Clinton lost by x% so the fiddled x+2% at all the key places. A clear win according to the polls and my pals who were so right last time. Then the votes cam in and their pathetic x+2% wasn’t enough so they mobilised quickly and carelessly and fixed it but it was unplanned and uncoordinated and so obvious that they got caught. Then they doubled down and covered it up. Because the ends justified the means.

    Voting is now obsolete. These machines will now be used all the time and programmed to give whatever side is in power a win. Simply give the tagged candidate 6 votes out of 10 ballot papers. No need for all those pesky boxes. .

    Never thought I would see the downfall of the West but welcome to Russia. I’m sorry to say but your guns will need to go.

    Over here Doris has cancelled voting in the May elections and Khan has bought some Dominion machines for the London elections. Having see a demonstration of what they can do like this who could blame him.

    • “These machines will now be used all the time” …..
      Let us hope that you are correct but instead of pointing out how easy it is to hack the machines, our side needs to get better hackers and add X+(x:?) to the equation to secure a win. Let’s be better at cheating than they are.

      • Why do we need to be the better criminals? Why not verified registration, in person voting where registered, all ballots counted by verified poll watchers?
        Violator’s get hung. Easy and simple.
        In the mean time we need to let everyone know until that happens. Their all notwithstanding under the constitution.
        Illegitimate, Criminals.

        • I’m not saying we need to be better cheaters… But how do we get to the place of “verified registration, in person voting… ” from where we are now? We can shout “They’re all criminals!” from the rooftops and every social media outlet they allow us to use, but what good does that do if they outvote (by cheating or legitimately) us?

          • Well, if we cheated as they did. We would have never heard the end of it. Just as we never did after 2016. And the leftist courts would still be hearing cases. We will never be allowed the criminal act they are. Just ask Kyle Rittenhouse.
            As I’ve said before Joe. I don’t think were voting our way out of communism, anyway.
            But there’s still close to a 100 million Trump voters that see what’s going on. Most of them armed.
            A simple answer, hardened in ones mind is the quickest way to effect change.
            When people hear it. And see you live up to it. It helps others remember.
            We didn’t get this problem 4 years ago. And It will probably still be here when we are gone. And what I suggest is the only civilized way I feel we have left to us.
            But I’m all ears.

          • Again I’m not suggesting cheating is the right thing but if you are concerned about “never hearing the end of it” I’m not sure that’s a valid concern. As the Russian collusion hoax proved, the monkeys are going fling their poo no matter what we do.

  10. I’m sorry if I gave the impression of taking some moral high ground. It was not my intention. My hypocrisy knows no bounds when it comes to dealing with communist.
    Your monkey’s flinging poo analogy is prefect.
    As I believe playing around their gage is the quickest way of getting monkey crap on you.

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