Quote of the day—Robert Caron

The fraud was so massive and so blatant, despite what the mainstream media said, that we need to get this information out to the public. That’s why more and more people from the intelligence community and law enforcement are coming out, which is unheard of.

Robert Caron
January 2, 2020
More than 400 Ex-intelligence Officers to Investigate Election Irregularities
[We live in interesting times.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Robert Caron

  1. until there is voter ID and paper ballots and armed guards it won’t stop…no telling how long this crap has been going on…

    • We’ll get to the purple finger stage eventually. Whether it will be soon enough remains to be seen.

      • That is of course assuming that the powers-that-should-not-be are in favor of, and thus committed to, fair elections (that’s two, not altogether inseparable, conditions); an assumption which is somewhat lacking in evidence, to say nothing of actual proof. To wit; we’ve known about egregious election “irregularities” in past elections, for many years running, and nothing terribly significant has been done about it. Why, only now, are some Republicans (but only few of them, and still fewer Democrats) pretending to care at all?

        And THAT has been, historically, for many generations now, our primary failing; our default position is that we assume good intentions (if not great intelligence) on the part of those who would be our masters. One could make a better case for the opposite condition; that they, in general (elected office holders plus the deep state, the media, the entertainment industry and the pet corporations), would very much like to override the will of public at every opportunity if they thought they could get away with it. Now more than ever they are feeling they can get away with it.

        To wake up one day, after the better part of a lifetime of assuming good intentions while seeing “poor choices”, and suddenly realize that you’re actually confronted with an enemy that’s been for generations waging a war against the American Principles of Liberty, is too much to bear for most people, and so in that sense we’re pre-conditioned to explain away that which would be obvious to an outside, objective observer. Therefore we love, and love very much, to put all that aside and instead to define Democrats as “dumb” or “misinformed” when in fact they’ve dug themselves in as enemies long ago. Likewise, we very much prefer to see the Republicans, who sit at the same table with both the Democrats and the world powers, as our best hope for having champions of liberty acting on our behalf. Such “knights in shining armor”, acting selflessly, confidently and effectively, and without compromise, for the cause of liberty, would be great, but they’re simply not there.

        Short of a very brief spurt which was the American Revolution, we haven’t seen anything resembling that sort of zealousness for liberty since the likes of Martin Luther, Tyndale, Huss, and the other champions of the Reformation, which, today, has been abandoned in favor of the ecumenical movement (the “Why can’t we all just get along?” movement). The Reformers were people willing to die horrible deaths for the cause, and didn’t back down in the face of it, and many of them were killed in the most horrible ways. That dedication to fundamentals has all been set aside now, in favor of another ecumenical term, “pragmatism”, and so, can it be any wonder that we’re slumping, sloughing, and slouching back to the Roman system once again?]

        So long as this situation and default mindset (the current paradigm of “right” verses “left”, combined with the notion that “fundamentalism” is a scourge), a mindset promulgated and promoted by pundits on both purported “sides” (thus acting within the Dialectic Method), we are doomed regardless– The overall trajectory of change (toward authoritarianism) will remain. It’s a done deal, and no Earthly power can change it– No matter how clever or how well organized and resourced, while embracing that mindset, that dialectic, we can do nothing but reinforce a paradigm that’s been tailor-made for our destruction.

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