Quote of the day—Ted Wheeler

Lawlessness and anarchy come at great expense and great risk to the future of our community. It’s time to push back harder against those who are set on destroying our community, and take more risks fighting lawlessness.

These people need to hear, and to understand, the social and human consequences of their irresponsible actions. All of them should be requires to engage in public services like litter pick-up and graffiti abatement.

Ted Wheeler
Portland Oregon Mayor
January 2, 2021
Portland Mayor Committed to End Violence by ‘Antifa Radicals’ After New Year’s Eve Riot
[This is after:

At least two Molotov cocktail-style firebombs and large fireworks were hurled and launched at riot police, the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse, and the Multnomah County Justice Center, police and video footage confirm.

The mayor it going to get tough on these thugs by having them talk to some of the victims, pick up litter, and clean up graffiti. Yeah. That would really show them he means business.


I think this is further encouragement of their action. And I find it difficult to believe Wheeler isn’t actually on the side of Antifa.

The person, and anyone assisting them, that threw the first Molotov cocktail at the cops should have hit the street with a bullet in their brain before the Molotov cocktail landed. Portland police has snipers more than capable of doing this. I know because some of them have been to Boomershoot several times.

Throwing those sort of devices was the use of deadly force and should have been treated as such.—Joe]


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  1. Stop giving your enemy the benefit of the doubt. Wheeler and his ilk are just fine with the death and destruction of all you old dear. That he’s not actually holding the Molotov is irrelevant.

  2. Don’t worry. As soon as Trump wins Wheeler will backtrack again, and support Antifa “Free Speech and [mostly peaceful] Protests”(tm). Then things will start to get interesting.

  3. So, Joe, when the Mayor of Portland (as quoted in local media, not a website/paper run by a foreign religious cult,) says, “My good faith efforts at de-escalation have been met with ongoing violence and even scorn from radical antifa and anarchists.” […] “In response it will be necessary to use additional tools and to push the limits of the tools we already have to bring the criminal destruction and violence to an end,” you figure he’s on their side and just egging them on?

    You have reached the point where you are arguing that black is white; that there is some kind of encouragement to the rioters from a pretty liberal Democrat (though his own party produced primary opponents running well to the left of him) who has been pushed to the point of inviting collaboration between local, county, state and the Federal law enforcement he rejected in the summer/fall of 2020 and who wants the State government to provide for harsher penalties for repeat offenders against the peace.

    Looks to me like time and events are pushing him closer to the center while you fantasize about police shooting into crowds.

    • Actions speak louder than words.

      Wheeler’s actions (or lack thereof) to date speak volumes, and skepticism is warranted. In my opinion, of course. We’ll see what he actually does, if anything, going forward.

    • Of course he wants stiffer penalties. He’s only going to apply them to people he doesn’t like.
      That’s the new world order. And the nature of the beast. The just-us system we’ve been witness to for the last 25 years.
      Once Joe-bama and the Hoe take over, it’s the constitutionalists turn to go lawless. And they plan on going hard on those people.
      And Monica, if you don’t understand someone throwing a flammable substance at you is deadly force. That deserves deadly force used in return. What fantasy world are you living in?
      At which point your the one telling us black is white.
      Antifa has been around Portland playing it’s communist crap games a lot longer than Wheeler’s been mayor. And it’s just now something he has to start dealing more harshly with?
      And he wants to use Biden’s fed and Kate Brown’s state departments for enforcement? Ya Right.
      I’m calling B.S.!
      And talking of shooting people in streets. It was BLM that got 12 police shot, 5 killed in Houston not that many years back?
      No fantasy to it anymore.

    • Monica –
      Who do you think ordered the police to stand down and not crush the riots? You know, the riots that have been going on in Portland since, let me see… May of last year.

      None so blind as those who will not see.

    • Just to be clear, a surgical sniper hit on an identified deadly threat isn’t “shooting into crowds.” Any more than police shooting an identified, armed felon who has fled arrest, failed to comply with lawful orders, and starts shooting first at cops, “more evidence of police brutality.”

    • There’s a BIG difference between:
      1. “’My good faith efforts at de-escalation have been met with ongoing violence and even scorn from radical antifa and anarchists.” […] “In response it will be necessary to use additional tools and to push the limits of the tools we already have to bring the criminal destruction and violence to an end,’”
      2. “‘All of them [who threw Molotov Cocktails at police, thereby attempting murder] should be requires to engage in public services like litter pick-up and graffiti abatement.”

      These are basic and important distinctions necessary for participation in a complex society. There is a great deal of difference between demanding additional tools to fight criminal destruction and violence and demanding that rioters attempting to cause great bodily injury, mayhem and death be given litter pickup and graffiti abatement.

  4. This is a micro example of the kind of false dialectics which run the world. There is antifa on one “side” and the mayor on the other “side”, ostensibly in opposition. They’re presented as two opposing sides and yet they’re the same side. In world politics the “sides” may fight bloody and destructive wars, and yet sit at the same table all along. The more vociferous and violent they can be against one another the more easily we accept the ruse.

    Note that the mayor is moving in the direction of incorporating the purported enemy into city government, having them do public service. The style and tactics are decades old. Remember the State of California hiring street gangsters to do speaking tours in the public schools? The reasoning was that it gets the gangsters off the streets while teaching kids about the pitfalls (the excitement) of drugs, sex, violence and power. As I recall, this was happening in the 1970s.

    The various communist revolutions have typically used the criminal element to help further their cause, for 1) it is the common cause of criminality they share, and 2) criminals are great at agitating our emotions. Those of the left have always greatly admired gangsters and foreign dictators. In the French Revolution they found themselves a notorious whore, had her dressed up as a queen, and gave her the title, “Goddess of Reason”. Nothing, conceptually, has changed since the first temple of Baal.

    In this Portland case the dialectic’s falsity is relatively transparent, low-level, amateur stuff, but in global politics they do a much better job of acting like real, ideological enemies. The false dialectic of the Democratic Party verses the Republican Party in the U.S. lies somewhere in between. There was massive bloodshed over it in the 1860s, with sporadic, light skirmishes ever since, but they quite literally sit at the same table, presiding over the same, ever-expanding institutions and policy implementations.

    Whilst they make a show, a grand spectacle of opposing one another, getting us emotionally and financially engaged in supporting one “side” or the other (and it matters not at all which), we easily forget that we are the enemy of both sides, being enjoined to participate in our own destruction.

    We participate willingly, often eagerly, so long as our emotions are sufficiently aroused. The Dialectic Method (almost always with elements of sexuality incorporated into it, by the way) is the best tool for maintaining the requisite state of emotional agitation.

    We’ll fall for it even after having read the manual, seeing exactly how it works, just as we get involved in watching a sports game or a movie, knowing much of how the behind-the-scene production works. We’re so Mesmerized by it that we’ll seek it out and pay for it if we feel we’re not getting enough. We get tired of one form of it, and then we seek “escape” by engaging in another.

    Such is Babylon; the city of gold!, of power!, larger than life!, more compelling, more “real” than reality!, the grand spectacle!, which is your beloved master, your goal and your destiny, and it is your destruction.

    I think probably the recovering drug, gambling, or sex addict can understand these things better than some, having lived a version of it and survived to overcome it.

  5. This violence is “free speech” when it’s useful to the commie leftists and it’s “ANARCHY” when it’s no longer useful. The FACTS are irrelevant. All that matters
    to the leftist commie bastards like Wheeler is power and the expansion of that power. Violence that serves their agenda is good. Violence that doesn’t serve their agenda will be met with OVERWHELMING response. These morons running amok in Portland are about to learn what their commie heroes REALLY do to the useful idiots once they are no longer useful.

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