Quote of the day—John F. Kennedy

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

John F. Kennedy
March 13, 1962
Address on the first Anniversary of the Alliance for Progress
[I grew up with this being part of my understanding of what made the U.S. different from so many other governments of the world throughout history. I never imagined this might be a prophecy for our future.

We now have a situation where essentially half of the population believes a fraudulent election gave the presidency to a candidate who openly, and proudly, states they plan to deny every citizen their basic, inalienable, human rights.

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We live in interesting times.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—John F. Kennedy

  1. Indeed. Half the country still believe in the principles put forth by our founding fathers and the other half is buying or giving credence to a narrative that is in direct opposition.

    Can the genie be put back into the bottle? How can the opposition narrative be undone? It’s now a movement that has achieved rapid acceptance from half the country and has succeeded in taking over our government.

    I can’t help but think – is this not the same kind of dilemma that others have faced in the past during major upheavals such as 1917. How do you fight a popular idea that has no clear leadership?

    At this point there is only a crisis in our thoughts and the fear of what is to come. Life is going on with or without us. As ‘Oh, what’s the use’ says we need to get to work. IMO we won’t succeed unless we have something positive to offer. A campaign, project, company, or nation can only succeed if it has something that people want or need.

    We should start by answering some questions: Why has the left’s narrative become so popular? What is it offering people? What are we offering? Is it just a matter of our failure to promote our ideas or is it something else?

    For example. We live in a time of change. Twenty-five years ago we saw the potential of the internet to allow people to spread out, but that did not happen. Instead, the mega cities became even larger. Now with COVID, we are starting to accept that people can effectively work many jobs from anywhere. This could be a trend that could allow us to move towards smaller communities with more freedoms and less need for authoritarian rule. Your home could become the place where you work, live, and play.

    • Gun sales tell us the communism narrative is not that popular. The only reason it has any traction at all is because communist’s own everything. From schools to nightly news. That’s all you hear. It has an effect.
      30% of democrats never heard about Biden’s laptop before the election. And would have voted different if they knew. Now take out Biden’s fraud and how many in this country now back him?
      Being loud don’t make ’em right.
      Antifa/BLM are about ten minutes work.
      It’s long passed time America quit pretending we can live with these people. And Trump was the last can we could kick down the road..
      Commies be in the wire, bro. Time to show the world who makes America work.

      • That helps to explain why the sale was not made. Yet, most CEOs would be asking what are you going to do to make sure you make the next sale.

    • “How do you fight a popular idea that has no clear leadership?”
      Mi General Augusto Pinochet, knew how to deal with Communist scum that would destroy society. He was so effective, that even today Chile is the most prosperous nation in South America per capita.

      • I understand the sentiment. I can even see it being effective in producing the desired results. I’m having a difficult time envisioning that passing constitutional muster on a scale needed to achieve similar results.

        Perhaps you could flesh out the idea some to make it more applicable to our present circumstances in a way I can understand and support.

        • Sir:. What I’m proposing as the only really effective solution is entirely extra-constitutiinal. Augusto Pinochet was the proverbial ‘Man on a white horse’s. He broke the law and overthrew the elected government he served as a general officer. His law breaking and brutality and extra-judicial killing of thousands kept Chile from falling to Communism. A contemporary event was ‘The Killing Fields’ in Cambodia. Pinochet’s actions were horrible, but the results were far better for far more Chileans and other South Americans than submission to Communism would have been. At this point in time, at this place in history, causing a few hundred thousand ANTIFA thugs, media activists and hard core leftists to ‘vanish’ is far preferable to the 15 million we may lose in a civil war or the 30 million the US may lose in concentration camps and Castro / Kim style political killings. START UP THE ROTORS!

        • There is no Constitution. The Supreme Court says so.

          The third law of war is this: War exists outside the law. Law is for peace.

          The second law of war is this: Any tool, any weapon, any tactic, any strategy that my enemy uses against me is meet and fit for me to use against him.

          The first law of war is this: Win or die.

  2. Odd of martial law are increasing daily. I now put them at around 75% as Trump lays the groundwork to clean out a LOT of infiltrators, collaborators, etc. I do not expect the US Federal and various State houses of government to look like most people are expecting by February. There are still non-military ways of doing it, but they are getting harder by the day. Under martial law, traitors can be tried and dealt with quite expeditiously in military tribunals. The final stages of pulling off the Deep State mask will be rapid and violent. More than a few lefties will get rather freaked out. February will seem like a different century.
    Stock up. Odds of a deliberate and very widespread internet outage / slowdown, combine with a strict curfew and travel restrictions are pretty high.

  3. Reading just the quote posted herein, it’s not clear which side he’s on; who’s revolution he’s referring to. So looking a little deeper we find this;
    “…of the American people for homes, work, land, health and schools, for political liberty and the dignity of the spirit.

    Our mission, I said, was ‘to complete the revolution of the Americas–to build a Hemisphere where all men can hope for a suitable standard of living’.”

    That’s pure Marxism, dressed up for the American audience of the time, masquerading as pro libertarianism.

    All that has changed since that time is the window dressing. The trajectory (toward authoritarianism) has been the same all along.

    You’d best all come to recognize the clever message-within-a-message style of deception and obfuscation, because that style of lie now runs the world.

    The leftist movements speak of “freedom and dignity” all the time, by which they mean, “freedom to use coercive redistribution” and the “dignity” of the jealous, criminal mind, which lusts for the property and gumption of others.

    Kennedy was a Catholic. His speech reads like a slightly less clever version of a papal encyclical. Go and read Fratelli Tuti and then say it isn’t so.

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