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Generally speaking, I believe re-education camps are a good thing. But we don’t need to send 75 million people there.

I simply propose we abolish private prisons, abolish the military industrial complex, and use the existing infrastructure to re-educate the capitalist class members who won’t relinquish their position of ownership.

long-legged socialist @goodchillhunti1
Tweeted on November 19 and November 20, 2020
[What is the Greek for “Come and take me” (to your re-education camp)?—Joe]


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  1. When they talk about unity and acceptance they’re lying, When they talk about ruining the economy and sending 75 million people to the camps, believe them. Keep pushing that switch.

    • This statement is not calculated nor expected to cause cooperation. We call this a “Statement Against Interest.”
      In the forties and fifties, after it became apparent what had happened within the territories controlled by the Nasdap, it was widely said that when someone writes about what they want to do to others, and it involves violence and death, — BELIEVE THEM. We don’t hear that so much anymore because the media is conspiring with those people, and they wish to keep the mask on and the weapons hidden for as long as possible.

  2. Every day I keep finding less reasons to remain a Good Christian who is willing to turn the other cheek. I fear one is all it will take for Evil to triumph.

    • Christians need to knock it off with turn the other cheek shit. That phrase is for insults from strangers, friends or children.
      It’s not for murderers, psychopaths, or people who want to kill you or your children.
      Sell your cloak, buy the sword and pull your head out your asses.

      • Exactly. The same man who said turn the other cheek also said to sell your cloak and buy a sword.

        “Turn the other cheek isn’t supposed to be some sort of suicide pact.

        Thanks in part to Christianity being the dominant religious idea in America, and in part to the fact that just about any organization that preaches on Sunday and has some variety of the Christian bible in the pew pockets can call itself “Christian”, we have a situation where the enemies of Christianity and Western Values feel free to tell Christians what it is exactly they should believe and how they should behave. “Turn the Other Cheek” is one of the most notable and most wrong thing Christians are told they must do.

        In “Farmer in the Sky”, Robert Heinlein has a father telling his son, the protagonist in the book, something like, “I seem to remember that Scouts are supposed to be obedient. And courteous, too.”
        The son answers, “If I was rude, I’m sorry. But the Scout Law wasn’t thought up to make it easy to push a Scout around.”
        Unfortunately, Christians and Conservatives have been letting Leftists do this for so long, it will be as surprising as the rabbit who fights back is for the coyote.

    • The world gone through this countless times since Cain murdered Able. Is once more going to change anything? Are we unique in any way? I say, No, and no. But it doesn’t go on forever. There’s an abrupt end to all of this.

      If you were a good Christian then you’d know that evil will indeed “triumph” (seemingly), no matter what strategies and tactics we employ on our own behalf, relying on our own strengths and virtues (of which we have none).

      And then evil will be fully exposed, and then totally destroyed. It’s only a matter of which side you end up on in the end. If you’d read the Bible at all, you’d have quickly noticed that we are incapable of destroying evil. It’s completely beyond our capabilities. We can turn away from it, but it’s still there, doing its destruction.

      And you know who Jesus meant when he said “The prince of the world”, right? He wasn’t referring to himself.

      Rather it’s about whether we can “overcome the world”, meaning; can we avoid being affected by evil to such an extent that evil takes hold of us. It means; Can we overcome the temptation?

      In other words, just as Moses raised up the serpent in the desert, so too must the Son of Man be raised up. Apparently it can be as simple as where it is that you choose to cast your gaze. And so you need to both know and understand the story or it’s nothing but jibberish.

      We’ve all sinned, falling short of the law, and so we’re all condemned to death any way you look at it. Evil is in us, and so for evil to be destroyed it means we’re destroyed with it. But Jesus left us an “out”.

      From Romans 5;
      18 Therefore as by the offence of one (Adam) judgment came upon all men to condemnation; even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men unto justification of life. 19 For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous. 20 Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound: 21 That as sin hath reigned unto death, even so might grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our Lord.

      It puts the world into a totally different light, doesn’t it? So is our earthly narrative flawed, or is the Bible all wrong? Again; can we overcome the world or does the world and its traditions and narratives dictate all our perceptions?

      And speaking of education camps; we’ve had them for many generations already. It’s just that we call them “public education” and “the media”, and “the entertainment industry”, etc., apparently so we can feel better about ourselves as we self destruct. We no longer need to be hauled off, kicking and screaming, to the camps. Instead we pay to have the marvelous lies and clever manipulations piped directly into our homes and to our portable devices. Regardless of the name, they’ve shaped our every perception and world view.

    • When Jesus was chained before the high priest and the soldier hit him across the face. Did he turn the other cheek?
      Jesus wouldn’t allow himself to be called good. So why you trying to be a good Christian? No such thing.
      We humble ourselves before god. Not man.
      If someone wants your forgiveness, they need to ask for it. Then quit doing the offensive acts. Otherwise the fight continues.
      Satan changes tactics. Look for weak spots. That’s where the attacks will come.
      Jesus calls use to be salty, not milk toast passivist’s. Jesus was the toughest warrior to walk the face of the earth. And he followed his orders to the letter.
      He was fearless of any human consequence. And in the end he was rewarded for it.
      And know this. If your not willing fight to keep the blessing the lord has bestowed upon you. How are you being a faithful, watchful servant? To give him meat in do season?
      The lord gave you ten talents. And your going to stand before him. And tell him you let Satan and the boys have them to party with? No thanks.

  3. Somehow I don’t think he means to make the likes of Bezos, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Gates, or Buffet give up their positions of ownership. The owners of your local gun shop or hardware store and, of course, you and I are his targets.

    • As leaders of corporations those people don’t, strictly speaking, “own” their businesses. So they’re already half way to fascism right from the get go.

      It was said in the 1980s, There should be only four of five corporations (in the U.S.). What was meant was that they’d be de facto branches of government, working in cooperation therewith, for “the common good” i.e. Fascism.

      Of course if we look at the communist model of revolution, those near the top, those who’ve helped the revolution more than anyone, soon become the biggest threat to those at the top once the revolution is won. They have a lot of the inside information and a lot of influence. That’s too dangerous, and so they’re usually the first up against the wall.

      “But Comrade; there’s been a mistake! Call the Supreme Commander’s office– He’ll tell you I’m a faithful servant of the revolu…”
      And of course it was the Supreme Commander who ordered the executions.

      For there is nothing more terrifying to the Commander of Lies than one of his faithful servants, an insider, who suddenly sees and understands the truth for the first time. Unfortunately, such a person may have only a few milliseconds to contemplate the depth to which he’s been deceived, manipulated and used.

      • “It was said in the 1980s, There should be only four of five corporations (in the U.S.). What was meant was that they’d be de facto branches of government, working in cooperation therewith, for “the common good” i.e. Fascism.”

        As Tam said once in regards to someone in a position of elected authority who mentioned a public-private partnership for a solution to some problem*, “Fascism, then.”
        Four whole corporations? McDisneySoft and SixFlagsTwitterWarner pretty much cover the field and anything left over can be handled by FNMA and the Federal Reserve.

  4. Long-legged socialist. Can you run, say, above 2700fps? Give or take a little for weather conditions?
    If not, pray Kamala, (May Allah spread her legs forever), doesn’t send you to my neck of the woods for the great round-up.
    Till then, you got the talking part done, sweetheart.

  5. [What is the Greek for “Come and take me” (to your re-education camp)?—Joe]

    A nominal Greek translation of ‘Come and take me’ is:
    έλα να με πιάσεις – ela na me piaseis
    But the ancient Greek “μολὼν λαβέ” – molon labe is literally “having come, take!”, so, to me, would still be the appropriate laconic answer, as in ‘Come and take me‘ to the bastards.

  6. If the prisons are emptied, does that not imply that there’s no longer a criminal justice system in place? We often point out how law abiding gun owners and conservatives in general are. If laws are no longer enforced, what’s to inhibit us from cleaning house?

    • When I was writing up the post I almost went down a similar path. Then I realized he said, “private prisons”.

      I never understood why this was an issue for the political left, but whatever.

      Even if it was all prisons that could just mean the punishment options were fines, “education”, and death. Not exactly “no longer enforced”. And, as always, just because they aren’t enforced for certain people doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be enforced against their political enemies. The old Ayn Rand quote comes to mind…

      • There’s a decent argument to be made against overall privatization of prisons. Privatization of some services is inevitable, but honestly, we wouldn’t HAVE private prisons if there wasn’t money to be made in the first place from it — and to figure out the why of THAT one, we should ask ‘why are we imprisoning so many people that it’s a growth industry?’.

  7. That would be too much effort. Better to pass legislation mandating the complete extermination of all those 75 million people as well as every single United States citizen that opposes exterminating those 75 million people. Because using nukes takes a lot less effort. Just ask Eric swalwell

    That would probably be most if not the entire United States population exterminated but that is the ultimate goal of the far left so they would not see this as a problem but a final solution for the American citizen problem.

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