Any ideas?

I saw this on a restaurant in Idaho recently:


What I found odd was that there were no identification of the advocates. I expected something like, “Clearwater County Republicans”, “John Birch Society”, or “something” on the posters taking credit for the messages. But there was nothing.

Has anyone seen them elsewhere? Any ideas who they are?


5 thoughts on “Any ideas?

  1. who cares? i approve “this message.” and, no, i had nothing to do with them.

    • I care a little bit because it’s unusual. Anonymous public messages can frequently be interpreted as an indicator of repression of free speech. This doesn’t really fit into that category. It’s on the inside of the window so obviously the owner approves of the message and isn’t overly concerned about repression of the message.


  2. We are not republicans. We are patriots. The republicans are traitors and really indistinguishable from the democrats.

    Red State Americans.
    Dirt People.
    Walmart people.
    Flyover state people.

    We are not represented by any party or organization. We are freedom fighters.

    We are true Americans.

    All of this is why there is no need for a sponsoring organization.

    Our flag. Our pledge. Our honor is our symbol of freedom.`

  3. Looks like some piss-off citizen with a graphics plotter? I like the “Idaho” level of their political discourse though! I guess the national version of that sentiment would be; #CuttheCrap? Good on’em!

  4. If posters could save the world, what would they have to say?

    One never knows because that one, simple idea which might change one person’s mind can be different for every person. And it can be situational. This reminds me of a caller I once heard on the Big Talk Radio show, many years ago. His words stuck in my mind and wouldn’t let go;

    “A ‘liberal’ is someone who will give you the shirt off of someone else’s back.”

    But of course neither the message (which is obvious to millions) nor the ‘liberal’ described therein (if he were all-powerful) can save the world.

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