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I will never feel sad or jubilant anymore because of the skin color/race composition of a candidate. Why? Look no further than Gary Locke, David Chiu or Evan Low. Identity politics produce horrible results. For candidates, we will listen to what they say and see what they do.

Sean @hexian129
Tweeted on November 15, 2020
[Some people are slow learners. But it’s better late than never.

I feel sad when I know someone has been chosen for any job or political office because of skin color/race composition. I want someone chosen because of merit. Unfortunately, considerations other than merit are becoming just as important in both the corporate and, especially, the political world. This is a recipe for disaster in many different ways.—Joe]


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  1. Choice based on merit is a horribly cis-het white nationalist way of doing things, you HATER! You should know that by now, and only vote for people who are not like you. Things are always better colorized and feminized.

    (yes, it has the /sarc tag for those who have not yet had their coffee this morning)

  2. Merit-based is another way of saying racist …

    … or so I’m told by people who assure me they are my betters.

    • Yes. This summer, the Smithsonian published a document saying that “color blind” was a form of white supremacy. Interesting. I guess it didn’t dawn on them that they were calling Martin Luther King a white supremacist.
      Or maybe they did realize this and thought it was fine.

  3. … How times have changed!

    Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.
    John F. Kennedy

    And this was not only expected it was reality. In our freshman engineering orientation we were told that half of us would drop out within a year. And that is what happened in our class. It was the era of be the best that you can and equal opportunity. Failure was encouraged.

    And achieve we did. We have gone from a world where consumer goods were scarce to one where they are disposable and more importantly we now have the whole world of knowledge at our finger tips in an instance – a realization of Dr. Vannevar Bush’s Memex in 1945. [In 1945, we only had a rare electrical generator for the radio, lights, and pump along with a hand cranked battery powered telephone farmer built and maintained.].

    What is ironic is that the left now believes we need to throw our success away ignoring the fact that we are living the the richest period of history where even the poorest of us are richer than the kings of old. Just because our success is now racist and evil.

    Why? Has our success eliminated the risk of failure?

    • This ties into what I’ve been saying for years: civilization is hard work that borderlines a miracle.

      I work in a machine shop and have worked in the shipping industry with a major company you have used in your lifetime. Libs just assume that all the niceties of civilized life are a given. I’m on the ground floor in only one aspect of maintaining it, and I can tell you that it takes tremendous effort just to keep things running at all.

      Success depends on so much more than money for welfare programs, and libs just don’t seem to get that. Failure is very, very easy to do. Success is a lifetime of trial and error that spans every generation willing to try it. If just one generation slacks, decades of success is nullified and we have to start over from scratch.

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