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The Establishment blew off Donald John Trump only to watch with jaw agape as he was sworn into office on January 20, 2017.

Let’s not blow off Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. You may not see her appeal, but millions of Democrats do. She is the soul of the soulless Democrat Party.

AOC’s danger is that unlike Obama, Manchin, and the rest of the 50 and older crowd in the Democrat Party, she does not seek power. She seeks a revolution.

She is playing with racist fire. Her message is clear. Black and brown people are superior to white people.

This is not the Democrat Party’s worst nightmare. Democrats believe this rhetoric and the ideas it stands for will propel them to power.

No, this is America’s worst nightmare.

Wake the heck up.

Don Surber
December 23, 2020
Don’t blow off AOC
[He makes some interesting points. Particularly interesting to me is that the long time democrats who are despicable in their politics like Schumer (69), Feinstein (80), Biden (77), Durbin (75) are moderate by comparison with AOC. And most importantly they are old and won’t long have a “moderating” effect on the party. AOC and the squad want a revolution and they have serious potential to pull it off even with crazy ideas like defunding the police. Calls to defunding the police shouldn’t elicit derision. It should be a call to immediate action. This is the path Lenin took.

Look at other socialist/communist revolutions. Most (all?) of those started with someone who was disregarded and “blown off” as crazy, irrelevant, etc. in their first years.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Don Surber

  1. Yes, as the real problem are those that would vote for Sandy in the first place. That many people being that vacuous are a problem.
    We can only hope this voter fraud thing proves to be gigantic.

    • Will enough of us figure it out if we continue to stand alone? Don’t we need focus and organization?

      • I think this needs to be done at the state level. The free states boycott and/or (at least semi-)legally sabotage the anti-free states.

        • Would it not be better to have a nebulous cell based organization with plausibly deniable actions?

          That’s what they are doing with ANTIFA and ‘peaceful protests’

          What would be possible with today’s tech?

          • It depends on the type of action engaged in. Which depends upon the level of support for such action.

        • All free states except WY have a big blue city, a union heritage or a university town big enough to cripple a state level response. The problem isn’t states it’s cities. Even CA and NY have reasonable places that are dominated by the cities.

      • We needed focus and organization 100 to 200 years ago. Now it’s far too late. Now we need a miracle.

        Today, the focus would inevitably be on the wrong thing, and the organization would be of our enemies posing as friends.

        That’s where this is going. Both “sides” will embrace our enemies which pose as our friends. We’ll focus on bright, beautiful and glorious, counterfeit truths, seeing the real ones as contemptible. That’s the final synthesis, coming as it does, inevitably, from the Dialectic Method.

        It comes from the fabrication of the false paradigm, by which our attention is drawn inexplicably to a conflict between two sides, both of which are designed for our destruction.

        The more intense the conflict between them, the more fixed becomes our attention upon the lie, and the less we are able to see the ruse. There comes a stage in the Progression where, if someone points it out to us that we’ve been played, and how, we’ll want to kill him, and get back to our false paradigm as though it were the most important truth of all time.

        • No, we don’t need a miracle. We need faith and determination. It ain’t gonna be easy. Consider:

          The Reconquista of Spain from the Moors took about seven centuries (711-1492). There was a lot of back-and-forth. It forged the Spanish men into a force that could take on two new continents filled with warriors using a few ships-full of soldiers and a battalion of missionaries.

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