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The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was, in every meaningful sense, a Marxist revolution. A parallel state based on participatory workers’ organizations was led by a self-consciously revolutionary party to topple the existing state and erect a new one in its place. Indeed, Lenin acted on clear definitions from Marx about what constituted “the state”: “armed bodies of men,” that is to say, police, courts, prisons and the military. The Bolsheviks did not simply take the existing “armed bodies of men” and use them for their own purposes. Nor did the Communists of Eastern Europe. They destroyed existing institutions and replaced them with their own.

Sam Jacobs
October 2020
Cultural Marxism’s Origins: How the Disciples of an Obscure Italian Linguist Subverted America.
[“They destroyed existing institutions and replaced them with their own.”

Nazi Germany also developed their parallel “armed bodies of men”, the SS. The SS had several components:

The defunding of the police doesn’t look so incredibly stupid now, does it?

Respond appropriately.—Joe]


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  1. You forgot the SA which was the armed body of men during the street fighting and takeover phase. They were suppressed later and the SS emerged as a mass organization.

  2. “History never repeats itself but it rhymes.” – attributed to Mark Twain.

    And what appears to be coming rhymes with both the Russian revolution and Nazi Germany with a potential to exceed one or both in scale.

  3. Not only are there calls for defunding, but the local BLM/Antifa already set up their own “security”, as they did in Seattle, Portland, and elsewhere. And even the volunteer medics who are allegedly just there to help, whether they know it or not, are part of the replacement. They just haven’t coopted our tax dollars yet for funding.

    • The cities say they’re going to redirect police budget money (tax dollars) to ‘social programs’? That’s the “coopting”.

      The people that will staff those new ‘social programs’ are the replacements, and in most states there’s nothing to keep them from arming themselves and if some of that redirected money ends up being used to ‘reimburse expenses’ (like buying a gun or three) ?

      • I saw a comment the other day that “every federal agency has its own SWAT force”. That may not be entirely accurate but it’s way too close for comfort. For example, I know the IRS has one, which is very disturbing.

        • What information I still have access to confirms that.

          Some consider them the more like the ‘standing army’ the founders were concerned about.

  4. it is no accident that the antifa flag is an exact replica of euro marxist antifa flags from the 20th century. they do not hide what they are, which are storm troopers and thugs. this stuff is straight out of the 20th century marxist play book.

  5. There is and has been legitimate (IMO) concern about the direction of our police agencies. The emphasis on “Law Enforcement” and an essential discarding of the “Peace Officer” idea broadly outlines the situation.

    Parallel, and probably linked to that trajectory has been the militarization of the police forces. The proliferation and then use of “SWAT” units and “no knock” warrants give further reason for concern.

    Interestingly, the Progressive Left seems to have made a tactical (possibly strategic) error in their alienation of the police forces, mainly the rank and file. Previously, it was very unusual to see police take action against the left and only see enforcement against the right or traditionalists. Now, again, IMO, the rank and file is mostly sullenly against the Progs and much of the leadership has also realized that they’ll be consumed by the same fires that they’ve been enabling.

    In the near term, I think its possible that we see the rise of “Freikorp” style units on the right, but only if the conduct of the left goes further into the category of egregious mayhem and destruction, especially in the ‘burbs.

    Jeff B.

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