A sense of humor

After investigating the domain https://donaldtrump.watch I wondered about https://joebiden.watch. Someone has a sense of humor.

You might not want to visit.* It redirects to https://www.nambla.org/ (North American Man/ Boy Love Association). The Infogalatica page for them is here.

* I didn’t actually visit the site. I used a tool which captured various types of information about the URL as well as a screen shot of the main web page.


4 thoughts on “A sense of humor

  1. Someone pointed out that “antifa.com” redirects to “joebiden.com” which appears to be the official website for the Biden/Harris campaign.

    I am curious: What insight would your tools provide as to who operates/owns the “antifa.com” and “joebiden.com” domain names?

    A little humor: Firefox’s spell checker indicates “joebiden” is not a correct spelling/word and suggests “joyridden” in its place.

  2. Tirno, not CNAME so I assume HTTP redirects.

    For grins I looked up the registration data for antifa.com. Nothing much is shown apart from one interesting item: it was registered in 2002. FWIW, joebiden.com was registered in 1997.

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