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for the first time in my life i voted for a republican for president, congress, and senate leftist identitarianism and critical theory was the catalyst for me the democrats have refused to put an end to it in fact they’ve embraced it

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Tooted on October 25, 2020
[We live in interesting times.—Joe]


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  1. In addition, Tim has purchased guns and training, and moved from NJ to an unknown location.

  2. Maybe he’ll even learn to formulate a sentence.

    And imagine the shock when he finds out that Republicans have never been serious about upholding the principles of liberty, that they’re nothing more than a slower version of the Democrats.

  3. It doesn’t matter how many Democrats voted Republican. It doesn’t matter because once the Democrats know how many votes they are losing by they can just manufacture more of them until they “win“. Just like what’s going on in Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

  4. The Democrats haven’t merely been “embracing” Critical Theory; They’ve firmly ensconced it in our institutions, improved it, perfected it, nourished it, and tirelessly work to build upon it.

    Lucifer, however, was the originator of Critical Theory, even before the creation of Adam and Eve, so the Democrats, although they’ve been enthusiastic about it, cannot claim to be its originators. The first adopter of Critical Theory among humans would have to be Cain. Able did Cain no harm whatsoever, but Cain murdered him because he was doing the right thing thus putting Cain’s error in stark contrast.

    And there you have the very heart of the matter. Critical Theory, Liberation Theology; you could attach any of dozens of names to it (“criminal insanity” works too), but it’s always founded in pride combined with jealousy, envy and covetousness, with some degree of pathological insecurity thrown in.

    The contentious relationship which Lucifer developed between himself and the Godhead is mirrored over and over in human life, all throughout history. Salieri verses Mozart comes to mind as another classic example, or Edison verses Tesla. Anyone who has ever exuded a certain form of innocence, discernment and productivity, outshining others in his field, has been, and will be, criticized, blamed, impugned, persecuted, hated, robbed and even murdered.

    Ultimately however it is God’s faithful, the true believers in Christ, in the divinity of Christ, and in faith alone, in Him alone, as the means to salvation– They are the focus of hatred by everyone else, not because of their sins or imperfections, but because of the good they uphold as the one legitimate example by which all will be judged.

    It is becoming increasingly clear in the world that Judeo-Christian civilization is the target, but straight to the point; “Critical Theory” is critical of that one, specific standard embodied in Jesus Christ, and “Liberation Theology” seeks “liberation” specifically from that standard. It’s quite as simple as that, though it’s always framed as something else so as to put off our understanding for as long as possible.

    The election, and the dichotomy, or dialectic, of Democrats verses Republicans, is only a distraction. The two parties sit at the same table and bow to the same master. One does not seek to destroy the other, for if that were the case the matter would have been settled in 1865 and America would be the true America of the rhetoric of the Declaration of Independence. Nor does one party tend to overturn the other’s programs and policies except insofar as is required to maintain the dialectic– The U.S. does not become a shining, libertarian stronghold under Republican rule, followed by a grievous authoritarian society as soon as Democrats wrest control again. Rather; this has been a slow, steady, generations-long, inexorable march, tweaking our psychology so we’ll accept a coming global system which will undo every scintilla of the Reformation and usher in The Dark Ages 2.0. The final stage (“Final Solution”?), when it comes, will come quickly, but it won’t last long;

    For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. 1 Thessalonians 5:3

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