The left can’t do numbers

I’ve often said ant-gun people can’t do arithmetic and many times they can’t even do numbers.

Now we have someone claiming Biden won the state of Virginia with 45.4% versus Trump’s 52.9% of the vote with 96.52% of the vote in:


The political left can’t do numbers.


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    • Only 58%? Then my source, MSN, messed up the number of votes in. MSN is now saying 96.4*% of the vote is in with Trump up 52.7% versus 45.8% for Biden.

      Either way, they can’t do numbers.

      • Watched the Daily Wire last night. They did some journalising and found out that the reason that the state was declared for Biden was that there were over a million (IIRC) mail in votes for Fairfax county that hadn’t been counted yet.

        Fairfax county is just part of Washington DC. And if you look at the numbers in DC you’ll find that out of a quarter million votes cast, only 13,000 voted for Trump.

        That stock pile of mail in votes could easily swing VA to Harris.

        • How long have they had those mail-in, non-absentee ballots? They were sent out six weeks ago. And they STILL haven’t been counted?
          And why shouldn’t ballots with dates later than November 4 be disallowed? If anyone came to the polling place in years past after the polling closed, they would not be able to vote. But THIS year? We’ve had years without summer, years without baseball, years without hockey. This is the first year without polling places.

  1. My wife works for usatoday, and apparently they are using models that look at lots of past data to predict outcomes. Like if a county that is traditionally red goes blue, that might be an indicator that things are likely to be bluer elsewhere, and thus that flips the prediction. It’s much more complex than that, but you get the idea.

    Also, apparently, some of the states are reporting their precinct percentages without regards for mail in voting. So they say they are 98% counted, but that may not count absentee ballots. Even with the newspaper people were confused because I overheard a discussion about how some precincts were doing another virtual precinct for absentee ballots, and some of the folks in the war room were saying “what? We don’t do that!” So some of that may quite be proper until all votes are in.

    It’s not a left/right thing. The numbers are just hard to pull together from all the random sources in a consistent manner. That, combined with the news people wanting to look better than all the other news sources and thus using predictive models and not showing their math results in stuff that doesn’t look right.

    Anyways, I don’t think it’s a lefty thing. It’s a “there is a lot going on under the hood and we aren’t showing out math” thing.

    • Interesting peek under the hood.

      To the press: No credit if you don’t show your work. Just like math class.

    • I got an interesting bit of insight last night from an explanation by Karl Rove (on Fox) why Texas was clearly Trump even though the numbers at the time were about equal. He pointed out that the big city counties (Travis etc.) had already counted 90% or more of the ballots, while the rural counties had done far less. So the left wing vote had been pretty much fully counted, unlike the conservative vote.
      That’s just one example why percentages for a given candidate with only part of the count in may not be accurate. The people doing the forecasting have that kind of understanding and apply it in making their calls.

  2. And all of this illustrates why we need a major overhaul of our state-level election systems. It would require an Amendment that spells out the requirements to be met, and the states can implement the details.

    Our international enemies are laughing at us, and rightfully so.

  3. Looks like Biden ‘won’. They are suddenly “finding” hundreds of thousands of ballots at 100% go for Biden in these blue states that had Trump in the lead. Pennsylvania said that they are still 1 million ballots to count after Trump is ahead by 700,000 votes. Then they said 3 million. Guess how many are going to go towards Biden besides all of them?

    We are witnessing the greatest fraud put upon the American people in the history of the nation. And they’re getting away with it.

  4. Joe, I must respectfully disagree. The left has been doing numbers on this country for years. Their actually quite good at it. Just saying.

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