Quote of the day—J. Miles Coleman

It looks like they’ve made the calculation that emphasizing health care, as opposed to gun control, is a better way to get Democrats elected to those seats.

J. Miles Coleman
Associate editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics
September 28, 2020
Gun-Control Group Dodges Guns in Swing State Attack Ads — Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund ignores guns to press health care in key states
[As is usual, the anti gun groups require deception to advance their agenda.—Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day—J. Miles Coleman

  1. It appears even the mommy commies know when your kind-of-commie friends are buying guns to protect themselves from your arsonist commie, free-shit army. Gun control is a losing argument?
    Poor Mikey, all those billions. Only to end up a pivot-man, in a circle-jerk! To funny!

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