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I looked around some to try and verify the claims. I couldn’t find a flag for the Antifaschistische Aktion but I did find a German 1932 poster:


and the logo for the German 1932 group::


Here is a flag used in Gainesville, Florida on October 18, 2017:


The first two sentences in the image at the beginning of this post appears to be correct. I have not tried to verify the second paragraph from the image. But it would appear that if it is true, and history runs essentially the same course, then the Democrat Party of America will be crushed by American Nazis.

That seems to be unlikely at this point. If strong opposition to Antifa forms it would seem to be more likely it is a mainstream majority demanding “law and order”.

Regardless, we live in interesting times. Day zero is four weeks away.


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  1. The National Socialists were driven by the veterans of The Great War who had been basically left in the ditch and ignored, and were looking to restore a sense of normality to their nation.

    Here there is a land-mass filled with people that never coalesced into a true nation, with over a quarter of the population foreign-born or born to foreign-born parents, while less than 8% are military veterans and half of those are over the age of 65.

    What happens next will be lots of blood, lots of killing, but no coherent end-goal for a long time, if ever, and nothing resembling the start-point.

  2. The Wikipedia article about the 1932 group (from your first link) is quite striking. It’s surprising it hasn’t been PC’ed or vandalized more. For example, there’s a reference to its leader as “a committed Stalinist”. Which of course also describes the founders of BLM, by their own words.

  3. ( mainstream majority demanding “law and order”.)

    Which of course, was sorta what Hitler promised.

      • That side dish makes a lot more sense when you look up who comprised Antifasciste Aktion.

        If you cracked down on Antifa today, would you be accused of being anti-Semitic and homophobic? Note that of the one wounded and two killed by Kyle in Kenosha, all three were ethnically Jewish and one was a homosexual pedophile.

  4. I want to thank you for reminding me of the segment of history that I studied so fiercely in my youth … My dad fought in WWII and for some reason I was drawn to study the entire war. Including what led up to it. Which also meant the end of WWI which lead to the treaty of Versailles and the retribution that the victors demanded of Germany.

    Your reminder brought to mind so many similarities to the history of the late 30’s and early 40’s that it was a bit frightening.

    I have to wonder how many of those that “march” under the banner of antifa have actually had any instruction in the causes of WWII. Unless they were motivated to research it on their own, then the education they received was likely close to my own (or even more lacking), and they only got the facts of the war – battles, etc.. and likely even from a warped perspective these days. But not the causes… or how Hitler came to power.

    • Exactly. My Dad, and all of my uncles, except for the one who had a deferment because of age, and the two who were too young until Korea, wore the uniform of Uncle Sam in WW2. Some Navy, some Army. I wanted to know about the event that cast everyone to the four corners of the earth, with some never returning. Richard Evans’s finely researched and massively footnoted tour de force of the Nazis in WW2, The Coming of the Third Reich, the Third Reich in Power, and the Third Reich at War gave me a lot of answers, because the Nazis did not wake up one day in 1939 and decide to be the scourge of Europe for the third time in a lifetime, they worked up to it.
      The Coming of the Third Reich, then, was the most interesting to me with so much new information. Once that old sod Hindenburg appointed Hitler Chancellor saying that perhaps such a conciliatory move would appease the Nazis, the time to the Reichstag fire, the enabling acts, and the Nuremburg Laws was measured in months, if not weeks. Biden’s handlers will move just as swiftly. Strike while your enemy is still asleep. In our country? The land of Brahms, Schubert, Nobel prize physicists?
      Yep, your country.

      Only by teaching history as just a bunch of dates to memorize can inoculate people from the disease of wanting to learn from history and preventing the latest version of totalitarianism from taking hold again.

  5. Also, many of those people had just lived through the Weimar hyperinflation. And before that had lost millions of her native sons to WW1.Germany was a very unstable, fractured country. That had been rode hard and put up wet by the rest of the world. It was ripe for someone like Hitler.
    And let us never forget this was competing communist groups. Communism doesn’t work. Doesn’t matter if it’s racist communism, or inter-racial communism. It’s always about forcing the silent majority out. Killing the middle class.

    • No one in Germany in the 1920’s considered the Weimar Republic to have been legitimately formed. Not One.

  6. The Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands, (KPD) was formed as the German adjunct to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Ernst Thälmann, KPD leader formed the Red Front Fighter’s League and the Antifa mainly as forces to deal with their main rival, the Social Democratic Party, SPD). They and the Nazi’s saw the SPD as the main obstacle to power. Each figured they’d take care of the SPD, and then the other.

    Walter Ulbricht, Thälmann’s rival for KPD head, fled to the USSR after the Nazi take over, he tasked two operatives to murder two Berlin policemen causing the KPD trouble. One of the killers, Erich Mielke, would go on the be the head of the Stasi in East Germany, Ulbricht would go on to be head of the East German State, the DDR.

  7. I’ve been reading some of the same materials, primarily at Wikipedia, as some of the others above. A few things caught my eye:

    Antifa definition of “Fascist”
    • No one in Weimar Germany considered their own party to be ‘fascist’, but the KPD and Antifa described themselves as the only party that was NOT fascist. So to be clear who they mean when they are describing people or parties as fascist, they mean anyone and everyone who is not actively working to achieve Stalinist ends.

    KPD worked hand-in-hand with the NSDAP:
    • KPD considered the ruling social democrats to be their target, and when the social democrats were in power they _actively worked with the national socialists_, in campaigns, considering them to be another “party of the people”. So although AntiFa was founded AFTER the time when National Socialist German Workers’ Party and the KPD were cooperating, it was founded by Theilmann and others who had quite willing to cooperate with Hitler’s party and its aims before Hitler became chancellor.

    • That’s certainly a pattern. Soon after, Stalin and Hitler became partners in a scheme to carve up Eastern Europe between them. It’s only after Hitler made the dumb mistake of turning on Stalin that their partnership dissolved. If he hadn’t done that, Europe would probably today be a socialist dictatorship split between the successors of Hitler and those of Stalin.

      • They originally shared the Poland area because that was considered to be the breadbasket of Europe. Hitler crossed their agreed upon border to grab the rest of that food production area because it was obvious that the area that he controlled couldn’t feed itself, partly due to so many bodies employed in military service. Turns out Stalin had reached the same line of thought, and his forces were scheduled to cross that border a week later. Stalin was extremely stupid about food production, one of the defining traits of communists/socialists, apparently. All of the movers and shakers with that mindset seemed to originate in the large urban areas that had no direct connection to food production. (Like the idiots that think meat just appears in packages in their local stores.) He literally starved his farmers in the 20’s-30’s. The ones that didn’t die mostly ran to the cities. If Hitler had postponed his invasion again, that war would have been significantly different. Stalin so distrusted his army that all their armaments were stored near that border, so when the German army crossed it and seized that unexpected largess, they were opposed by an unarmed military for a long time.

        • Stalin also created Lysenko, a quack masquerading as a biologist, who made a large contribution to mass starvation in the Russian Communist empire.

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