Quote of the day—Hope Thacker

Race matters most to those who want to use it as a weapon. Social justice comes from a Marxist ideology. Kids are taught to be victims then claim they are victimized if they are punished in any way.

It is a recipe for unraveling. The entire country. AOC is a full fledged, all in Marxist. They may be charming at times but they are dangerous to a free society.

Hope Thacker
October 4, 2020
Comment to I was wrong about the Democratic Party #walkaway
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. And those same kids, having failed/remain ignorant of communist history. Will be the first victims of a communist take-down. Ignorance and innocents have always been victims in this world. I see no changes on the horizon.
    Ditch communism, before it ditches you.

  2. When you are a self determined and self reliant American your enemies of you and your liberty liberty’s blessings there are no doubts who and what those enemies are
    All else follows.
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,
    but against principalities, against powers,
    against the rulers of the darkness of this world,
    against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    – Ephesians 6:12
    The institutional order has failed
    If You Can Loot in Person, You Can Vote in Person
    Order Out of Chaos
    The deep state was born in violence
    It has survived using violence
    It will die in violence
    Rightfully so it will end
    This is what the future will bring
    Whites in the USA are going to figure out that their problem
    isn’t an excess of racism but a severe shortage of it
    Some where in hell, George Wallace is having the last laugh
    A Fifth Column is any group of people who undermine a larger group
    NFL – Not For Long
    NBA – Nothing But Assholes
    Undermine Subvert Destroy
    Fourth Generation Warr is rooted in a crisis of legitimacy of the state
    There is a center of our history and it’s our Rifles
    Bloodlust and destruction – domestic terrorism is all they have left – all they ever had
    Scripture alone
    Christ alone
    Grace Alone
    Faith alone
    Glory of God alone
    No system of authority likes those who undermine it’s authority
    You can’t burn data to stay warm
    You can’t create The Cloud to stop a draught
    You can’t eat SPAM
    Bots and Spiders don’t feed birds
    Twitter Bird is not a chicken in every pot
    Faceborg is not consumable
    Cookies are not chocolate chips
    Chips are not for dip
    Fishing don’t feed a man for one day or a village for life
    Globo=pedo is not a global village crosswalk
    Goolag is not a wholesome dish of the dirt people
    I -Pads don’t help a woman’s menestration
    Links are not the chains of civilized people
    Plausible deniability is a form of government
    The new green deal is Soylent
    Your dystopia is not our utopia
    Freedom ain’t free…
    #Pizzagate is not a dish
    Chickens of globalization are coming home to roost.
    Pedo=elites aren’t
    Chi-com lung aids is a chink in the armor
    Ain’t diversity grand
    Meatspace is
    The Social Contract isn’t
    There is no Magic Dirt
    ”Gibs me dat” is a many-faceted thing
    gun grabbers hell – freemen living happy lives
    We See Right Through Your Racist Bullshit
    Resistance is fertile
    The Nine Noble Virtues
    1 Courage
    2 Truth
    3 Honor
    4 Fidelity
    5 Discipline
    6 Hospitality
    7 Self Reliance
    8 Industriousness
    9 Perseverance
    Add another:
    10 Prudence
    Time Honored Traditions…
    Time. Honored. Traditions.
    The Normies wakey wakey eggs and bakey
    Withdrawal of Consent-The Most Powerful Weapon Evah Devised
    The democrat party must always control the gun, the gun should never control the democratic party
    Trust the lies and illogic to guide you toward the truth
    Making free helicopter rides for life great again
    Chairman Mayo gives pedo=joe a reach-around and nuzzles his dew
    Our job, as Christians, is to love the Truth
    kneepads for president
    The Spartans do not inquire how many
    the enemy are but where they are
    nancy palsi is a disease
    The masters of the universe are not
    Defending pedophilia: ultimate virtue signal
    The victim stance is a powerful one
    The new normal is not
    The modern world will not be punished. It is the punishment
    Reject Satan and all his devices and servitors
    Woke” Is Nothing More Than A Rejection Of 2,500 Years
    Of Christian Western Culture
    Things aren’t worse, they are more obvious
    The Whole Armor of God
    Tyrants have a difficult time establishing a beachhead when everyone around them is armed to the teeth
    Gallows: Pedophile Attitude Adjuster
    Hillary Clinton’s on-staff assassin could not be reached for comment
    ‘Kulak’ is the Russian Word for ‘Deplorable
    Be prudent
    The die-off will go well enough without you
    Attend to your preparations
    Stay away from crowds
    Why leftist run shitholes: that systemic pedophilia isn’t going to spread itself
    Do not feed the Danegeld
    Insane Guy Shouting He’ll Buy Back Your Stuff With Your Own Money
    Becomes Popular Democratic Candidate
    Arm Yourself To The Fucking Teeth – Show Up
    Conspiracy theory is the only credible theory of
    American history in the last 119 years
    The best revenge is to have a good life.
    The finest revenge against the dirty stinking commies
    is having a great country
    Common-sense is God’s gift of understanding
    No one’s protesting statues of Union generals
    Your fears are not my chains
    Carry your safety rescue tool all the time Even at home
    Twitter is a place where the mentally ill show off their Mental Illness Merit Badges
    Truth is the weapon that all Marxists fear most
    They Will Still Hate You Even If You Disarm
    Successful Grass Roots Revolution is not an act, it is a process
    Astro-Turf Color Revolution is not
    Its Not A Republic We Inherited It Is A Legacy
    The greatest threat to black lives are black criminals
    The old 4 F’s – Find Fix Flank and Finish Them
    Truth is always the most powerful rhetoric
    The American creed is the capstone of American identity
    Few skills are so well rewarded as the ability to convince
    parasites that they are victims
    Truth has no agenda
    The one thing we can be certain isn’t true is the official story
    Men In Denim Built Our Country…
    Men In Suits Are Destroying It
    Once you elevate the elimination of bias as your highest goal,
    there is no violation of liberty you cannot justify
    But why would responsible gun owners being disarmed make anyone safer?
    NPC + Diversity =’s You can’t fix stupid, no matter how much you lower your criteria
    It isn’t hate speech it is speech somebody hates
    Once you get a little bit of freedom you want lots more of it
    Violent acts are what happen when you create a climate of hate
    Deus ex Machina – God in a machine
    9 things to aspire to:
    moderation in all things
    above all: prudence
    SJWs have elected themselves to an Aristocracy of the Mentally Ill
    Those who manipulate opinion with their words assume all opinions
    are derived by someone manipulating words
    Civic nationalism is a lie
    Our culture is upstream of any politics
    Funny how leftists don’t like their tactics used on them
    Immigration without assimilation is alien invasion
    The smallest minority on earth is the individual
    Children & Old Men Do Not Dissimulate
    Let me be clear – tyranny has no ending but death
    Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. – John 15:13
    Love, Perfected
    Gold is the money of kings,
    silver is the money of gentlemen,
    barter is the money of peasants
    and debt is the money of slaves
    I would rather have questions that can’t be answered
    than answers that can’t be questioned
    There is no ruling elite as extractive and parasitic
    and none as observably corrupt as the current pedo=elite
    Bloodlust and destruction domestic terrorism is all they have left
    Last I checked there wasn’t a cure for stupid
    If only the pedo=elites could figure a way to wipe out flyover nation
    As if we needed justification to exercise a specific Unalienable enumerated right
    It would be a “weak response” to wait until next year’s election
    to let the American people decide for themselves
    who their President should be
    The intent of communism is to kill all who do not come to its call
    These scumbags can’t even run government handed to them on a silver platter
    The only way to housebreak a dog is to wipe his nose in his own shit
    You can’t spell “neocon” without C O N
    The dirty stinkin’ commies are flailing – Satan is displeased with his toys…
    The perversity of the universe tends towards the maximum
    Democratic Socialism is the carrot in front of the stick
    to beat you with if the carrot doesn’t work
    God bless us, there’s none like us
    Find something Communist and destroy it
    They offer nothing
    If you are not armed all the time, you are a fool
    The time for fond illusions of safety has passed
    Keep an eye on Obama’s crew they’re running out of time
    Some people never get the point until its a hollow point
    Inside Every Progressive Is A Totalitarian Screaming To Get Out
    The great thing is never loose your nerve
    The state is operating to protect itself by any means necessary
    The most lethal & effective Weapon is the one between your ears
    Best definition of the collective insanity of the left:
    The hysteria rises when reality refuses to validate the voices in your head
    Yu ReaP WHaT Yu SoW…
    Violating good folks codes makes us mean like you can’t imagine
    DEUS VULT: God Wills
    A Constitutional Monarchy, complete with a God Emperor
    Deus Vult! The Crusade is on
    The power to hurt people unaccountably is tyranny’s quintessential tool
    Our Cause We Leave To God And Our Rifles
    The Swamp’s universal bipartisan answer to government failure is more government
    Stupidity is a crime and the sentence is always death
    We are armed to the fukin’ teeth exactly BFYTW
    MAGA floats all boats
    KAG fills them with prosperity & happiness
    Die first then quit
    e pluribus unum or out of many, one
    eleutheromania (n.) an intense and irresistible desire for freedom
    Μολὼν λαβέ
    Our murder weapon
    1 Cup of Cofvee
    2 scoops
    3 picks
    4 more years
    The Great Fuk U x’s 2
    Release the clowns of Warr
    What unites us is far far more than what divides us
    Red diaper baby rash is a virus
    Bluto Blutarsky: “It ain’t over ’til we say it’s over”
    1984 is code
    Welcome to the reeeeing 20’s
    We haven’t begun to shoot
    Ruthless doesn’t grok how mean Goodfolk gets when his learn to codes are violated
    Deny them the protections they deny us
    Outlaw everyone everything becomes legal
    This is America… Fuck you is always a choice
    We Defy!
    Think we’re talking out our ass?
    How do you suppose this country began?
    The fucking tooth fairy left it under our pillow?

  3. Race matters to those who weaponize it.
    Illegal guns are only useful to the criminal muggers, rapists and murderers who already know how to make violence pay.
    Dog whistles to the Left’s Opponents? Only dogs hear dog whistles, which is why Leftists know a dog whistle when they hear one.

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