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Japan made the same mistake in thinking we could be bullied. They got nuked.
Truth be known. Were just waiting for our wife’s to tell us it’s OK.

September 20, 2020
Comment to Quote of the day—Jaime Huffman
[I suspect it’s a little more complicated than that. At least it is for most people. Still, I can see that being a prerequisite. And I would change “wife” to “spouse” if not even broader.—Joe]


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  1. Any “society” that uses women to fight it’s wars has already lost.

    At least in Western culture that maxim held true, which your comment is prima facie proof that this is no longer bound by Western culture or has been propagandized to believe that is true.

    • This blog post was not primarily about using women to fight a war. It was about having the consent of the women. And women have contributed tremendous efforts to winning war efforts in Western culture at least since the U.S. revolutionary war if not as far back as history exists. Even if you want to ignore the behind the lines intelligence and guerilla warfare of places like France, Poland and the Scandinavian countries in WWII then look at the U.K. code breaking and U.S. industrial production during WWII.

  2. Not everyone is partnered, but no one wants to be a lone nut.

    When/if it happens, it will probably go pretty much all at once.

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