Quote of the day—Alan Dershowitz

I’ve never heard of a case where an attorney general’s tried to dissolve a first amendment – and in this case First and Second Amendment protected political organization – that is a bridge too far constitutionally.

If she is selectively prosecuting and selectively investigating the NRA because she disagrees with its politics, that’s wrong,

I believe in the Second Amendment, but I also believe in reasonable gun control. But I would defend the NRA’s right advocate its position without being subject to selective investigation and prosecution if it turns out that the attorney general is looking into this organization because she disagrees with its politics.

Alan Dershowitz
August 5, 2020
Alan Dershowitz to Newsmax TV: NRA Move Political Prosecution
[I’ve known about the NRA’s wasteful use of money since 1997 and have put the vast majority of my 2nd Amendment dollars elsewhere. But I’m with Dershowitz. I strongly suspect New York Attorney General Letitia James is attacking the NRA for political reasons.She openly says this:

Strong gun laws in NY haven’t been enough to stop the gun violence that rips communities of color apart every day. Today, I’m announcing my plans as Attorney General to stop gun violence & take on the NRA, gun manufacturers, retailers & banks that fund these weapons of death

I would like to see NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre out but that can be done without destroying the NRA.—Joe]


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  1. I don’t share your confidence that Wayne can be expelled without destroying the NRA.

    I think he’s set things up so that his removal triggers its destruction.

    • I think he’s making stuff up. The most that is at all plausible is that he would take out some other people with him. But the organization itself? Not possible.
      I think the right answer is for the NRA to move its incorporation to a civilized state. NH, or WY, or TX, or AZ…
      Reform can be done by the membership, when and how they want it. Not by the enemy. You don’t ask Goebbels to sweep out your synagogue either.

      • Well … The NRA bylaws concentrate power into the hands of the CEO and Executive VP – aka Wayne LaPierre – which makes reform a little tough. Witness the various efforts that have been shrugged off over the past several years.

      • “Reform can be done by the membership…”

        No, it can’t. Not feasible. Why do you think Wayne and company have set up the BOD with 70+ bodies? That’s the definition of herding cats. You CAN’T get it done. Only burning it down (the result of the NY AG attempting to throw the board into jail MIGHT be sufficient to get their attention, but I wouldn’t count on it. (the smart ones have already bailed)

  2. “If she is selectively prosecuting and selectively investigating the NRA because she disagrees with its politics, that’s wrong”

    If? IF? Hell, that is a given; she admits same.

    I’d love to say that a judge will slap this down hard, but given the state of the judiciary, I can’t say that for certain. It will not survive judicial review at the SCOTUS level, but the litigation costs to get to that point will be crippling. That’s the entire point, of course. The process is the punishment.

  3. The NRA brought this on themselves, by not cleaning house 20 years ago.

    • Hogwash. Do you really think the enemy would have left them alone if they had “cleaned house”?

      • I agree that it would never cause the NRA’s enemies to cease their attacks, but one thing I did learn is to never provide ammunition to them.

        • That’s true. But the NRA brought this upon itself simply by existing. The Democratic party has hated the NRA ever since its early days when it supported the rights of black Americans not to be lynched by that party’s terrorist arm, the KKK.

      • I don’t think they’d have been left alone, but if the house was clean it’d be a simple matter to get the charges dismissed during discovery.

        As it is, there appear to be valid grounds for this politically motivated dissolution to proceed.

        If you know you’re going to be attacked constantly you’ve got to be squeaky clean.

  4. The NRA is destroying itself. It used to be an organization that did good for the country and for our 2A rights. Then money and greed got in the way and it’s now just another parasitical money grubbing club. This grandstanding in New York is just ‘piling on’ by the agenda driven DA and the left. As for Dershowitz…… ANYONE that says “I believe in the Second Amendment but I also believe in reasonable gun control” is an ass clown spewing garbage. Dershowitz is the WORST kind of pseudo conservative….an insider doing the work of the communist left in secret while pretending to be a champion of freedom.

    • Dershowitz identifies as a liberal but as a constitutional lawyer recognizes the 2nd Amendment protects an individual right.

  5. Ms. James is idiot signalling; i.e. she is signaling that she is a really, really useful idiot.

    Whatever happens to the NRA can be laid at the feet of Wayne LaPierre who appears far more concerned about his income and social standing than the mission of the NRA. In some regards his leadership has so corrupted the NRA that allowing Ms. James to kill the organization off may be the best way to reform it. If you really want to support the second amendment go to GOA or SAF. The NRA is the Clinton Foundation of the second amendment community.

    Being an idiot, Ms. James may have inadvertently set a precedent for shutting down other equally corrupt NGOs and charitable organizations. Most recently it was reported that BLM has collected 1.5 billion dollars with no idea where the money went. How about the Clinton Foundation’s Haiti campaign or the SPLC or even Snopes? Antifa is getting their money from somewhere.

    • Supposedly, a good chunk of that BLM money is going directly into the coffers of the Dem National Party.

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