Quote of the day—Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger @BearBussjaeger

Dear Seattle,

You’re screwed, and it’s the mayor and city council’s fault.

Best ‘luck with the riots.



Carl “Bear” Bussjaeger @BearBussjaeger
Tweeted on July 25, 2020
[This was in response to this open letter from the Chief of Police to local businesses and residents.:


We live in interesting times.—Joe]


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  1. These people are fools. The LTL options are the reason we don’t shoot rioters anymore. Crowds used to be dispersed with budgeons, bayonets, and bullets when that was the only tool in the arsenal.

    • Whelp, the cops are back to where we mere mortals are: if force is justified, all the force is justified. It’s a binary switch.

      Which is probably the goal of the Marxists on the Seattle city council. They’re hoping for martyrs due to “over-reaction”. They were hoping Trump would bulldoze CHAZ right away, but he didn’t step on the mine. Instead, he held off until there was a huge volume of evidence that bulldozing with flamethrower accessories would be an under-reaction, and then CHAZ was a liability that was getting out of hand.

      They’re depending on their co-ideologues in the mass media to under-report of the actual violence of their riots so any response is an over-reported over-reaction. Works among their authority-seeking base, but not so much from the people that jettisoned the mass media long ago.

  2. “You’re screwed … Best ‘luck with the riots.”

    No, we’re not screwed, and these aren’t riots. Stop believing the hype. As with Portland, there’s a 2 block area where everything’s happening, typically by small crowds (though Portland had larger ones recently because of the Feds instigating as much violence as possible). Outside those areas, life is normal.

    John Oliver did a good bit last night on the protests and ran Fox news’ crawl of all the “violent” incidents. 90% of them were graffiti. Because that’s the new “violence” apparently, warranting the maximum deployment of force in response.

    Lot of pearl-clutching going on here….

    • For once I’m with you Johnny. We should left them burn that federal shithouse. We should bus them down to burn-out your 9th circuit to boot! That would take care of your black-robed- enviro-pedo-babykilling-wackos you all think we should obey every word from?
      Pearl-clutching? That’s rich. With a Garrett Foster kind of irony there. Maybe you should buy a fainting couch before the election?
      When Trump wins in November, maybe they’ll get real pissed off and burn down your house? With any luck. Or maybe you could join NFAC? I’m sure GM jay would love to have a guy like you. Have SKS, will travel!
      What a putz!

    • So the wounds and hole blown in the wall in these pictures are “hype” and “pearl-clutching”? And how about the five construction trailers set on fire (watch the video here)? It must be our lying eyes.

      Good to know. I’ll expect the same assessment when gun owners don’t get their way, show up for a “peaceful protest”, and use Tannerite to “redecorate” the Washington State Capital building.

      • I learned during a visit to the WA Capitol that it is the tallest freestanding building of its type west of the Mississippi.

        By “freestanding”, they mean the stones are just stacked on top of each other, not mortared or attached to each other in any way. That’s why the Nisqually earthquake did so much damage, because the stones just slide around on top of each other. We were lucky that didn’t just fall down.

        So, wow, history is fascinating.

  3. https://www.seattlepi.com/local/komo/article/Sunday-protests-on-Capitol-Hill-remain-peaceful-15436566.php

    “At one point, a large group of bicycle officers showed up and created a line at Pine and 10th, and another contingent of officers on foot created a line at Pine and 12th right in front of the East Precinct.

    The bicycle officers circled a few times and then about an hour later they disappeared.”

    Sounds horrible. Clearly a threat to civil order right there….

    • Linking propaganda media? Look who’s pearl clutching now! Like the corn-fed little bitches got anything real, to complain about?
      Let me know when their shooting protesters in the back, when their hands up in surrender. Till then. Shmuck.

      • You should thank ol’ John.

        It takes a particularly self-absorbed person to roll through a blog and do an occasional drive-by referencing sources just about everyone here completely wrote off years ago, if not decades, and then smug off as if they’ve made damningly valid points.

        Gell-Mann amnesia is a notable thing, but by knowing of that thing, I suggest one can develop Gell-Mann apperception: the association with a particular source that has been repeatedly wrong on a subject you know well, such that you take any other topic they discuss with extreme skepticism unless independently verified.

        Thus, John does a service for us by reminding us of the conclusions one can derive by relying on sources that are consistently wrong in entirely predictable patterns. How much poorer we would be in our discourse were John not to show up every once in a while to show us the brown, Rorschach-like patterns on the walls in the rabid chimpanzee enclosure that is the Seattle PI.

        • “So the wounds and hole blown in the wall in these pictures are “hype” and “pearl-clutching”? And how about the five construction trailers set on fire (watch the video here)?”

          Yes, that’s hype. As in “short for hyperbole.” I’m not saying property destruction didn’t happen, or that a few officers got some scrapes and bruises, but c’mon. The apocalyptic rhetoric doesn’t jive with the reality. Go to capitol hill and look for yourself. Or Portland, for that matter. There’s plenty of documentation showing how the feds have escalated the violence with unnecessary attacks. And of course there’s Fox news’ terrifying list of all the graffiti “attacks.”

          But hey, it’s a Markley’s Monday, so MThead and Tirno going ad hominem definitely seems like the way to go instead. Maybe tomorrow….

          • Being blinded, possibly permanently, by terrorists shining laser beams into your eyes, that’s just “some scrapes and bruises”?
            Let me remind you, in civilized states an attempt to blind a person justifies a defense response with deadly force.
            For that matter, throwing explosives at people is also an attempt to inflict severe bodily harm that likewise justifies deadly self defense.

          • “Let me remind you, in civilized states an attempt to blind a person justifies a defense response with deadly force.
            For that matter, throwing explosives at people is also an attempt to inflict severe bodily harm that likewise justifies deadly self defense.”

            So I assume that when the feds attack lawful protesters and journalists with rubber bullets, shooting them in the eye (seen the video of the journalist getting one in the eye? She was broadcasting live at the time. She’s blind in that eye now.), the protesters get to respond in kind? Pick a lane.

          • As a matter of law, if Person A does something (unlawful violence) that justifies a use of force (lawful violence) by Person B, and Person C gets hit because Person B is aiming at Person A and misses, Person A is responsible for Person C’s injury.

            Alternatively, if Person C is present and acting on the behalf of Person A in terms of providing cover, distraction, interference with the lawful response of the victim Person B, then Person C is an accomplice to Person A’s illegal activity, and is responsible for their own injury.

            Of course, Person A completely owns the injury they sustain resisting lawful arrest for their felonious behavior. There is no ‘free speech’ exception to criminal statutes. Frankly, the actual peaceful protesters should have legal claim against such a person for changing the character of their gathering from constitutionally-protected-peaceful to unconstitutional-rage-orgy.

            This is why, when one is going to a ‘peaceful protest’, and you see someone trying to commit assault, arson, battery, destruction of private property, theft, and other such extracurricular entertainments, or obviously preparing for the same, you either A) assist in the arrest of the instigator so they cannot hijack your peaceful protest and turn it into a riot or B) Get the fuck outta there.

            The police should be commended for their restraint. They are provided with additional tools along the ‘force continuum’ in order to facilitate their job of delivering criminals to the justice system in as few pieces as possible, and thus far, they have not responded to the documented provocation by embedded terrorists with the level of force that is justified. Yes, “terrorists”: those that employ unlawful violence or the threat of unlawful violence for political purposes.

            By law, non-police citizens only have “don’t shoot” and “whiff of grapeshot” options when it comes to mobs. Don’t push the non-cop: “Fuck around, find out” rules are always in effect.

          • So John, shall we call it work place violence? Give one and all workers comp. and call it a day?
            Your problems starts with your the first words.
            I assume when the feds attack lawful protesters and journalist?( SJW’s always lie?)
            Their protesting what? You truly buying the BLM/ANTI-Whatever bullshit? You actually want us to believe this has to do with equality? On any level? Justice?
            Your all broke up about some poor black people? No one’s buying. And if you do,
            your a moron.(no hyperbole needed) Or, like several of your prop-tester/fake news. Their being paid to start shit.
            Nothing legal about it.

  4. Barb and I both worked in downtown Seattle. One side of my office building was on Mugme street. Neither of us work there now. We both left their permanently over five years ago. We both work from home and probably can do this indefinitely (living in a bubble again). What I meant to mention in the blog post but forgot was the real estate agent working with my daughter said she has been advising her customers to not buy in Seattle for several years now. Many don’t listen and then a year or two later are looking for a home on the east side of the lake.

    I would live in Idaho year around but Barb doesn’t handle the cold winters very well. Also, she grew up in Bellevue, lived here almost exclusively, and four out of five of her siblings live within 30 minutes of us. Idaho would be a summer home and place to stay when we visited in the winters.

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