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While I got a chuckle out of this it’s quite misleading. There is a big difference between the gun owner protests which leave the streets cleaner than when they arrived with the most “violent” exchanges are spirited legal briefs compared to the riots, looting, and destruction of the Marxists of the last few weeks.

They can’t honestly believe we would be on their side. You almost have to start looking at elderly nun demographics to find a group of people more law abiding than people who have concealed carry licenses.

The only thing that I know of which we have in common is the skill set and tools to quickly create a lot of damage. It’s just that no one has flipped our switch yet with a valid target. There are a number of scenarios where the rioting Marxist change that. But in all the futures I see the police will give the gun owners a slight nod and turn back to engage the remaining commies.


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  1. I call it the ‘Niemoeller Gambit’.
    Some clothead had to have come up with it in a fit of febrile passion, somehow believing he could roll out the old guilt trip in a new way.
    That it pretty much fell flat on its face within seconds must have really warped their minds, as some kept ‘trying it harder’ for several days, even as more and more kept laughing in their faces, flipping them the bird in stereo.

    • I don’t stay up to speed on Fish and Wildlife stuff that much but I thought that for feral animals the season was either open or closed with no limits when it was open. Do I have that wrong? In any case, I’m pretty sure the season is closed except for special cases.

    • Well they carry the Communist plague. I could make an argument to pop them like prairie dogs carrying bubonic plague. Can’t let them down into their burrows and spread their ideology. You can wipe out a whole state if you let them create such towns unchecked and uncontrolled.

      I would hope updated regulations will come forth. It’s not like they’re an endangered species. For every one you bag, three more useful idiots take their places and are even more virulent and aggressive. I say draw them out into open terrain, break out the .22-250 and check your windage.

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