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  1. If you’re on the Red Team quit worrying so damn much. You hold all the cards, and by cards we mean guns, and perhaps also tanks, so chill out. Give the Blues enough room to play so things don’t turn violent, but throwing around the brinkmanship card on silly stuff isn’t doing anyone any good, and may risk the “democracy” in general.
  2. If you’re on the Blue Team, for Christ’s sake don’t incite violence! Seriously. Antifa is the worst possible thing that could ever happen to the Blues, because they’re risking everything for basically nothing. In short: (again) Chill. Out. Play your cards slowly, please.
  3. If you’re like me, and don’t have a team nor do you wish to join one, maybe consider doing a little preparing. And lord help us all, if the actors make suboptimal choices and the thing does go hot, do what the Afghans do. Say “yes sir, no sir, he went that-a-way sir,” to whoever shows up to your door carrying a rifle, be their uniform Blue or Red.

BJ Campbell
July 6, 2018
Game Theory on the “Second Civil War”
[Via daughter Jaime.

Yes. This was published two years ago today.

Read the whole thing.

One of the unspoken takeaways I have from it is that the current violence by the political left, despite the warning by Campbell two years ago, is because of the realization they are losing. One should always change what your doing when you are losing. It may make you lose faster. But it offers a chance of breaking out of a situation you know is lost.—Joe]


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  1. They are losing but they have one advantage. Time. Who will replace Trump? Not another Trump, that is certain but more than likely just another useless politician, either a RINO or a Dem, if there is a difference and then the downward spiral restarts.

    • Perhaps. Then again, I just read an article suggesting Tucker Carlson in 2024.

      • Doesn’t matter. All were going to hear from the left is; blah, blah, blah, blah. Until one of us stops breathing.
        Solomon said it was better to live in the wilderness, than with an angry woman. (He should know, he had six hundred of them). He would have said with communists also.
        If 250 years in the promise land of America still don’t do it for you? ain’t nothing going to.

  2. The moderates always tell Team Right to back down and play nice, but never say a word about the excesses and demands of Team Left. Because they don’t want to get cancelled by the Left, which controls most of the country and almost all of the media.

    To reduce violence, all the Left has to do is… less.

  3. The Left keeps exposing their hand, and demonstrating to the Right, moderates, and even those less fanatically Left, just how innately irrational and unhinged they are. In the past week I’ve seen articles on the burning of an elk statue, and attempts to destroy the Lewis and Clark statue in Portland.

    Lewis and Clark? Oh yes, because they explored and “took” land that wasn’t theirs (which should have been okay if Meriwether Lewis was actually gay.) But if you’re Antifa and occupy a building that isn’t yours, that’s obviously excusable. And what of the Native American tribes that constantly fought turf wars over territory? That never happened. What about indigenous tribes that took slaves from other tribes. What about the the modern humans that displaced the Neanderthals? None of that matters and is simply an attempt to obfuscate the fact that anyone who actually works for a living and believes that to be an intrinsic part of being a human is a racist white (even if they are a gay, black woman).

    It was probably good strategy (however inadvertent) to let the lefites have room to burn and destroy. They’ve exposed themselves as the irrational losers that they are. When the pendulum swings (and it will, and likely soon) there will be a lot of sorry assed 20-somethings locked up on serious charges for stupid crap.

    • We’ve been saying that for generations, and yet the Left keeps winning.

      The Left has adopted Grant’s strategy. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose any particular battle, as long as you continually advance toward your goals.

      The Left isn’t about to lose. They think they’re about to win, and they’ve jumped the gun. The old hard liners want to see final victory before they die.

  4. “Consider what else the radicals and rioters have accomplished. They have made mass civil disobedience an acceptable and even praiseworthy form of protest if you are justifiably outraged. They have won near-immunity for burning and looting stores. Blanket amnesties at the state and city level appear to be in the cards…”

    “The case can be made that the mob has won already. People have gotten away with massive demonstrations blocking roads, highways, and parks. Shopping areas in elite and working-class sections of scores of cities have been torched and looted. Police have been insulted, taunted, and showered with debris.”

    — Patrick J. Buchanan

    They haven’t really won yet, but it sure looks like they now have the advantage. We’ll see: perhaps the Reds will come out of their shells and show them a thing or two. Otherwise, we’re all going to be Afghans with night-time secrets and all that entails.

  5. What if the real objective was just to reduce the US. To something a lot lower than it is now? On all fronts? Step back from the Red/Blue conflict. Look at the future of America. Anyone see us as stronger, more honorable, shining city on a hill?
    There are so many factors at work that aren’t covered by red/blue.
    Economics, inflation/deflation, takers against producers.
    Racial, Tripe front. External pressure system needed to control. Or else proximity=war.
    Media, Or propaganda if you will. All one sided. Malheur bad/ CHAZ good.
    The natural cycle of civilians. Were at the 250 year limit of the virtue/decadence cycle.
    All these, or just one of these will reduce this country to the point of 1970’s communist Russia.

    • There is still a lot of momentum pushing us forward, but we are also facing the limits of knowledge and technology. How many more innovative companies like WeWork or Uber do we really need? Can we ever really understand and control everything? Add to that the decline of principles and widespread acceptance an anything-goes world and I see a dark dystopian nightmare perhaps interspersed with islands of ‘modernity’.

      • Almost no way out. And now that Charlie Daniels is gone. Were DOOMED!

  6. Lo and behold, the black knight cometh. Engage, and enrage, the left by making them live up to their own rules. S. Alinsky’s rule #4. The local community group on FB had a poster for a BLM protest which contained the word “F*ck”. That got reported as ‘inappropriate for a community page’.

    • The Left only has one rule: win.
      The Left only has one goal: power.

      They are entirely immune to charges of hypocrisy.

  7. Big picture; replace “the left”, which is a global movement, with “Rome” and you’re closer to the mark. And Rome isn’t losing. That old whore is gathering strength and reach, and holds the popular narrative.

    And if the Republican Party (“national socialists” or simply “fascists” being the closest definition thereof) is the antidote to “the left” then we (those who favor liberty) have already lost this country. Therefore, when the Democrats “lose” they still win. See the “Dialectic Method”. We are being played by both “sides”. Try not to fall for it (and I say this knowing that everyone will be influenced, drawn in as it were, to some extent by the false dichotomies).

    • Yep, we’ve been on this slippery slope for a long time. What we’re now talking about is what’s going to happen when we fall.

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