Quote of the day—Don Kilmer @donkilmer

Obama might have started out as a likable, naïve socialist.

But he became the inevitable state-worshiping fascist that is always necessary to sustain socialism in the face of its inevitable failure and devastation.

Don Kilmer @donkilmer
Tweeted on May 21, 2020
[This may be giving Obama more benefit of the doubt than he deserves, but that doesn’t change the correctness of the conclusion.

As my friend Eric E. once described it, “Socialism is like a piece of candy which, years later, causes terminal cancer.”—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Don Kilmer @donkilmer

  1. There was never any naïve, in America’s favorite bochi boy. He was programed to be a murdering communist. And giving 2500 guns to the Mexican cartels proves it. I guess some folks just have a hard time seeing evil for what it is. Better late than never, I guess.

  2. “Socialism is like a piece of candy which, years later, causes terminal cancer.”

    More like candy used to lure unsuspecting children into a windowless van. It’s wonderful and inviting…until one realizes its true purpose and by then it’s too late to avoid unmitigated disaster.

    The difference is that the cancer analogy, though correctly indicating a disastrous result, denies the purpose.

    I suppose we’ll get all the way to mass death without a preponderance of citizens realizing this. They’ll still be calling socialism a “mistake” or a “failed system” and so they’ll die in utter confusion.

    I call it a success– Socialism works practically every time it’s tried. A miniscule clique of rulers lives in opulence while everyone else is a slave, starves, or dies a violent death.

    The difference resides in one’s assumptions regarding its purpose. If you assume that socialism is intended to result in peace and prosperity, and that therefore its tragic and yet predictable results are merely the result of ignorance, then you haven’t studied its main proponents over the last 150 years or so; their own statements, basic beliefs, goals, attitudes toward Mankind, and so on. One could fill a “mega-post” with nothing but chilling, threatening, and otherwise horrifying and disgusting quotes from prominent Marxists, socialists, fascists, the Vatican, communists, Jesuits, Eugenicists and Progressives.

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