Quote of the day—Sheriff Steve Reams

While I understand each person’s choice to disagree with me, my response to those individuals is this: I’m not comfortable giving up the fight for their constitutional rights in exchange for their vote/support.

Steve Reams
Sheriff Weld County Colorado
March 2020
Colorado Inmate Red Flags Sheriff
[And others are not only comfortable and willing but desirous and eager to strip the people of their constitutional rights.

Culture, philosophy, and elections are important.—Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day—Sheriff Steve Reams

  1. Robert Heinlein wrote once that his father said, “The more complicated the law, the more opportunity for a scoundrel.”
    I think this law is too complicated by half, and should not have been enacted. And a jail inmate patently fits the definition of a scoundrel.

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